10 Best Free Contact Form Services and Generators

There are many free Contact Form Services and Generators. If you have a website whether fashion, educational business or entertainment related, then you must have a Contact us page which is a customary on every website we come across.

Many websites directly publish their contact address, email and phone number in their Contact Us page. In that case there is a higher chance of getting spam emails. So if you want to avoid these circumstances it is more advisable to put a contact form on your website.

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While trying to include a contact form in your website, try to opt for the simple and easy to use contact form solutions.

Best Free Contact Forms

Here is a list of 10 easiest and user friendly Contact Form services that most of the webmasters prefer these days.

All Contact form services / generators are free to use, and some in them have many premium upgrade options to get better benefits. Let me know if you have good others to enrich our helpful resources.

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a contact form plugin for those having WordPress blogs. This form offers flexibility with simple user interface. Moreover Contact Form 7 is easily customizable; hence you can design the contact form as per your preference, it’s super easy and quick to install.

2. Wufoo: Online Form Builder

If you are looking for an online HTML form builder then Wufoo is one of the best options at hand. They have created more than 80 customizable templates of contact forms. Wufoo offers both paid and free services. On free accounts, their services will be automatically deactivated after they reach a specific number of entries allowed for them. But with 3 forms including 10 fields for each, you may customize it and it’s total value to try. In case of Paid accounts they will charge a small fee after exceeding their given limit.

3. Kontactr: Personal contact forms

Kontactr is another one-click service to install free contact form solutions easily. This free contact solution will help you to protect your email address from spam mails. Kontactr provides two types of embed widgets – Plain HTML and AJAX; just embed their code on your website and get an absolutely free, secure contact form.

4. Freedback

With only three simple steps to follow, you will have many contact forms with a lot of options to embed into the web pages. Freedback offers an easy access through a GUI form builder. With this contact form service, you will get notifications of the newest form submissions through email or SMS. Moreover, their auto responder services will instantly respond to the form submissions on your website.

5. Foxyform

With Foxyform, you can create a simple but nice contact form for your website within few seconds. It is totally free to use and protects your contact email address with integrated anti-spam filter. They also offer many layout options where you can customize the contact form according to the theme of your website, and more advanced settings to meet your requirements on the contact page.

6. JotForm: Easiest Form Builder

With a very nice web-based GUI, JotForm is one of the most popular contact form builders. Webmasters find this website very useful because they offer various types of customizable contact form themes at free of cost. Even if you have minimum knowledge about HTML or web designing you can still make your own contact form. If you are satisfied using their contact form on your website then you can opt for the premium membership as well.

7. AJAX Contact Form

Need a pre-built contact form but still like to handle everything? If you are experienced in JavaScript then you can try an AJAX Contact Form. This type of contact form is becoming popular everyday as it helps to save bandwidth. Since in this process a lightweight JavaScript called Mototools is used, hence it doesn’t require to download the entire library. Mototools can create huge amounts of effects itself.

8. Visitor Contact: a click between you and your visitors

Visitor Contact is another free contact form service that creates customizable sticky contact buttons and forms to match the theme of the website. These types of forms help the webmasters to increase the number of website visitors who wants to contact them and it eventually leads to higher sales.

9. Form Tools

If you are looking for an open source PHP / MySQL script to build an online contact form for your website visitors, then Form Tools is another wonderful solution for you. It offers backend database to manage form submission records along with a user-friendly interface. Whether you build the contact forms by hand or using a script, whether the form is in HTML code or anything else, Form Tools can be a great help for you.

10. Response-O-Matic

Response-O-Matic is an easy contact form builder for the webmasters who have very little knowledge about HTML. Their easy-to-use form wizard offers various types of customizable templates for your contact form, and generates the HTML code automatically, which you can easily put in your webpage and upload it. Since these contact forms are hosted from four different web servers, so your forms will still be available on your webpage if any of the servers are down at any time.

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  1. Chantelle says:

    I would also suggest checking out Formstack. They have a free service that gives you 3 forms but can be easily upgraded to more if you need it. www.formstack.com

  2. Julian says:

    is there any contact form that sends to our twitter/facebook ?


    • Paul says:

      You should use the widgets available through the twitter and facebook developer api’s. Just search for twitter dev or facebook developer.

  3. Mike Challis says:

    This one is loaded with features:

    Fast Secure Contact Form

    Includes a CAPTCHA and Akismet spam prevention support. Additionally, the program has a multi-form feature, optional extra fields, and an option to redirect visitors to any URL after the message is sent. Packed with settings and features. (there is also a WordPress plugin version, this download is for is the PHP Script version that does NOT require or use WordPress)

  4. Gast says:

    As I know php forms service sends to our twitter. But it doesn’t free

  5. Samo says:

    I used some of the ones you mentioned here, thanks for providing the list :). However, I found out than my forms were being submitted through the form providers website. I don’t feel comfortable about having my visitors details sent to other websites before I get the email. Anyway, after a few days of looking around I ended up using the form available at https://www.freecontactform.com/ I personally think it’s the easiest one to use. Just thought I would come back and share this with you guys.
    Thanks again. Samo

  6. Duneic says:

    I find another website for SMS contact form.
    www.smsner.com, hope this helps.

  7. Florin Cornianu says:

    You missed 123ContactForm from your list. Works with Facebook, WordPress & Blogger and our free users numbers skyrocketed in 2010.

  8. Chalin says:

    You also missed hosted contact forms at cloudcontactforms.com…

  9. Alex Saji says:

    Thanks for this post. You really helped me.

  10. Mohsin Ali says:

    all the plugins not work properly…….

  11. Samer says:

    I love foxyform, Good compilation Chandra, BTW is it possible to have a form with upload option,i actually have a project for where people can send their resume without knowing the email ID.

  12. Lance says:

    Julian – Formstack has social integrations that will let your contact form send a message directly to Twitter/Facebook.

  13. Aguitta says:

    I would like to point out the free contact form + the free lead management software for WordPress Users, …this is the link to the WordPress.org download page.

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