Creates Safe Secure Short URLs is a new secure-short URL service  powered by reputed security and antivirus software company McAfee. Lately many short urls are cloaking and redirecting to dangerous malware sites and tricking users.

mcafee-short url

We got this url when we used the service – if you click on it, you can see how the sites are reviewed and the top frame shows the result.

mcafee safe site short urls

So why are short urls secure? is powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, so it lets you create short url’s which are checked against McAfee databases of known spam, dangerous, malware hosting, bot control sites prior to being shown.

If the site is flagged  dangerous, McAfee will show a  warning page  giving users an option to go back  before visiting the site. There are various levels of danger – like most dangerous (Red sites) which they block from visiting without typing the “long” url, the suspicious (Yellow) will warn the user, but allow a click through, and the safe sites (Green) are displayed instantly. So head over to now and secure your urls.

Best way to use short urls

Grab the McAfee Secure URL Shortner Google chrome extension to quickly use McAfee’s short URL service.

mcafee chrome extension

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