Add Snow Falling Effect to Your WordPress Blogs

Its Christmas and greet the chilly winter by adding a snow falling effect to your WordPress blog. Every year around this time we add snowing effects to our blog and it is live right now also.

New Snow WordPress plugins turn up every year and the best we are trying out right now on the site is Snow, balloons and more by Nicolas Kuttler, with powerful custom options which can give you exactly the effect you desire.

You can choose from snowflakes, leaves, drops and even balloons that can float upwards. You can simply add more images in the pics folder and they will appear on the settings page. You can configure the number of snowflakes and limit the plugin to specific posts or pages. If you enter something into the URI field you will only see snow if the URI of your page matches the string.

snow plugin options screen

The best part is you can turn off the effect after lets say 20 seconds, so it does not interfere with reading the article, yet conveys the winter snowy feel. We had to darken the site background to make the snowing appear better, and darker background blogs will have a much better experience.

Post a comment if its snowing on your blog so our readers can visit your site. Which plugin are you using or have you created your own wintery effect.

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