The Biggest Difference Between iPod Touch and iPhone 4

What is the biggest difference between iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4? Most users think that the iPhone 4 is is simply a iPod Touch with a phone and a few technical changes. But I recently bought the latest iPod touch and there is a major difference which Apple will not shout out to tell you…

Within 15 minutes of using the iPod touch, the screen was smudged with fingerprints and oily debris. Wiping with a clean soft cloth was not enough to clean the oily fingerprints and it simply led to more smudging. But have you ever heard iPhone 4 users complaining of smudges? No wonder iPod Touch users go looking for Screen Protectors.

On the other hand, the iPhone 4 features an amazing oleophobic screen, which means that your fingerprint smudges are minimum as you touch across the screen. A clear screen ensures the best display and I am disappointed why the latest iPod Touch does not have an oleophobic screen. Why?

I think this video demo explains it best.

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