6 Awesome But Lesser Known Things on Facebook

Here are some awesome things to do on Facebook, which you might not know. According to latest statistical data, Facebook is now 600 million people strong. This means that if Facebook existed as a country, it would have been the 3rd Largest Country after China and India.

Although we all like sticking to Facebook for several hours talking and seeing what our friends are doing, the Facebook team is quietly adding new features to it which many people, for sure, don’t know about:

1. Friendship Page

Facebook Friendship

Friendship Page is a feature where you can see friendship between yourself and a friend of yours. It neatly displays the time since you both are friends and things that you’ve done together such as Wall posts, comments and things in which you both are commonly tagged like photos, events and status updates.

Type this URL :-  Facebook ID>?and=<Your Friend’s ID> in your browser to see it yourself.

Replace <Your Facebook ID> and =<Your Friend’s ID> with their respective Facebook Profile IDs/Vanity names.

2. Download Your Facebook Information

This tool is quite handy, in case you want to have a copy of all your photos and videos that you have uploaded, facebook gives you an option for this. Moreover, you can have all your posts on your wall, messages, your friends list and some other content in a a simple, browseable archived zip file.

Visit your Account Settings Panel and click on “learn more” beside download your information text.

3. See Your Facebook Impact

Facebook Impact

In Simple words, your Impact is the number of people that you’ve brought (referred) to facebook. Visit Facebook Impact to see your impact.

4. Facebook Photo Badges

You might have seen facebook fan-page badges with a Like button on several blogs before. Facebook provides similar badges for your latest photos that you can embed anywhere you wish. You can also choose the no. of photos that it’ll display and Layout type. Visit Photo Badges to create your own badge.

5. Friends Phonebook

Facebook Phonebook

Facebook knows how important Friends are to you, so it provides you a phonebook with contact details of all your friends as well as contacts that you’ve imported from your phone in a single page. This is surely a good backup in case your phone’s contacts get erased by a mishap. Visit your Phonebook Page.

6. Facebook Chat Smileys

There are over 26 smileys that you can use on Facebook Chat. While you may have know about many of them, some still remain very less known. Here’s a quick list of them:

Facebook Smileys

Notice the first smiley is a face, he is Chris Putnam, a Facebook Engineer and the developer/programmer of Facebook chat.

Guest author Saket Narayan  likes to blog about Technology at TechSplurge, particularly about Web 2.0, Applications and Cloud Computing. You can find him on Facebook.

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