How To Explode Blog Traffic with Perfect Blog Commenting Strategy

It is like writing on the wall that any blogger, who want his writing to be seen/read/bookmarked, needs traffic, explosive traffic. It’s the traffic which determines your success as a blogger regardless of your chosen niche.  During my journey of blogging on personal development niche, I also learnt tactics and some good practices to increase my blog traffic.

There are numerous ways to increase blog traffic, like social book marking, email newsletters, social forum participation, you tube, pod casting and so on. What I am going to discuss and explain in this article is how to increase your blog traffic exponentially by leveraging the power bog commenting which is one of the best Free method for getting explosive traffic for your blog (if done properly).

I crafted a 5 point strategy for achieving extraordinary results in terms of blog traffic though blog commenting.

1) Research, create a plan and set daily targets

Research: Before we discuss on how to create a plan for your commenting strategy, I suggest you to research on internet and find out, shortlist relevant blogs in your niche. This is beginning point of your commenting strategy. Use Google and run the search query for finding relevant blogs. Check couple of them and shortlist the blogs which are constantly updated and allow commenting. (Google does its job pretty well in showing relevant results when it comes to freshness of blog). Once you shortlist the relevant blogs, visit their website and immediately subscribe to them, so that you will know when latest articles are written on these blogs.

Create a plan: Every successfully executed task has a solid plan behind it. Blog Commenting also needs a well crafted plan. Your plan must be to submit/leave quality comments on at least 5-7 blogs a day. I will explain in a while about how to leave quality comments,

Set daily targets: You can set your daily targets for commenting activity. If you are a full time blogger, you can chose anywhere between 15-20 comments a day and if you blog part time then 5-7 comments would be enough to fill the timeslot you have for blog promotion. Feel free to experiment a bit on the time management but do set targets based on time you have.

2) Create a Comment Signature Line

This is where innovation comes into picture. Your comments need a signature. Create at least 3 versions of Signatures and save them in a notepad text file on your computer. Let me illustrate how your signatures would look like.

Signature # 1
Your Name – Blog Name
Latest Post on My Blog
Hyperlink to Your Latest Post

Signature # 2
Your Name – Blog Name
A Similar Post on My Blog
Hyperlink to Your Similar Post

Signature # 3
Your Name – Blog Name
A Slogan of Your Blog (If there is Slogan then have a nice catchy word so that it catches reader’s eye)

Why I am suggesting 3 versions of signatures and what I am going to achieve with these? Let me explain. In some blogs, hyperlinks are allowed in comment body. You can use either Signature 1 or 2 in that case. For the blogs that don’t allow hyperlinks in comment body, use signature 3. These are the signatures you need to put after every comment you leave on the other blogs.

3) Do you feel ‘I must comment on this’

This is where you either win or lose in your whole commenting strategy. Read and absorb the blog post that you are on and if it generates enough pull inside you to comment something on it, then go ahead and comment.

Don’t comment, if you don’t have anything to say, and that’s okay. You can always move on to next blog or a different blog post on same blog. Message here is comment naturally not by force of meeting your target :-)

4) Comment meaningfully and add the signature

Leave a meaningful comment by adding your honest opinion on the blog post. Avoid leaving short comments.

Now, it’s time to click the Submit button after commenting. Don’t forget to add the signature that was created in Step 2 of this article. Also, dont forget to check ‘Subscribe to follow-up comments‘ so that you will know when someone replies your comment. In that case visit that blog again and comment again.

5) Measure your results in Google Analytics

Nothing motivates a blogger than a spike in traffic levels in his Google Analytics graph. Keep track of your traffic statistics on a weekly basis of bi-monthly basis. Be consistent with your commenting activities. I am sure you will be happy to see that a simple commenting strategy will bring loads of new traffic to your blog.

Guest author Naveen Kulkarni is founder and primary author of Winning Ideas.  You can also get the Free E Book called Winning Ideas for a Wonderful Life.


  1. Dhananjay says:

    hey i have many posts on my blog and i tried this kind of experiments but i couldn’t increase visitors traffic daily what may be problem on my blog ?
    plz solve my prob. thanks.

    • Winning Ideas says:

      I took a look at your blog. Its good, however, I have 3 suggestions to you.
      1) Use self hosting rather than free hosting
      2) Build a clean design with easy to use navigation system. Chose a design which supports lot’s of images
      3) Write great headlines

      Naveen Kulkarni – Winning Ideas
      An Idea Can Transform Your Life

  2. gaileee says:

    Short ‘n’ sweet and to the point. Great article! Thanks for the insider info! Yoga with Gaileee

  3. Serafim says:

    On this very same idea some plugins were developed. Like

    It automatically fetches your last post on blog and displays the name of the post hyperlinked to the post itself while it lets you change the post selected for an older one. I’ve seen many blogs using such plugins to encourage readers to post comments.

  4. Venk says:

    Nice article, bloggers should keep in mind that blog commenting is not the only strategy to drive traffic. Its one of the strategy.

    A link at the top of page is more worthy than 100 comment links from the bottom of page ;-)

    • Winning Ideas says:

      Hi Venk,
      I agree with you that Commenting on other (relevant) blog is one of the strategy for increasing blog traffic. There are other activities as well for driving traffic. Commenting is, however one of the free and interactive approach to get yourself noticed.

  5. Bilal Ahmad says:

    In order to get approved your comment, it is important to post relevant comments and not just a few words like “Good Post”, “Thank You” etc..

    Posting relevant and informative comments will help in building links, attracting new visitors and building reputation and recognition.

    • Winning Ideas says:

      Absolutely true.
      If one can’t comment well, he can’t write well. So writing relevant comments will in turn improve one’s writing skills :-)

      Naveen Kulkarni – Winning Ideas
      An Idea Can Transform Your Life

  6. Albert says:

    oh Nice presentation about blog commenting. I will try this in my blog commenting promotion methods.

  7. James says:

    very nice explain

  8. Irfan | RealTimeTricks says:

    From last one week i applied these method to bring lots of traffic but gain only few hits, i think doing continue for a month can show me a good result, what say?

  9. Winning Ideas says:

    I am glad that you liked the post ! Naveen – Winning Ideas

  10. Smart In says:

    The article is very helpful for newcomers like me. I will try to practice what has been presented in this article.

  11. ventre plat says:

    “Create a Comment Signature Line” very original idea !!

  12. Usman says:

    Leaving Comments on popular websites with the same niche helps drive more traffic towards a blog

  13. Umer says:

    Hyperlink to the similar post on a blog comment helps drive more traffic towards the commentator’s website

  14. srvaliente | blog seo says:

    This article is very good, because it shows perfectly to other users of the bloggers as they can generate more traffic simply dedicated to comment on other blogs in your niche. Currently these techniques not only generates traffic, but it is a basic fundamental technique or positioning seo web pages. So the content of this item is very valuable.

    Very good article thanks for the info!


  15. Winning Ideas says:

    Thanks Doru

  16. Tinh says:

    #2 is great idea that I only use in forum but never try with blog commenting as it can easily be filtered as spam. Do you think so?

    • Winning Ideas says:

      What determines whether the cpmment is SPAM or not is the content not the signature ! Spammers can be spotted from miles away ! However , if the comment is relavant and serves as an “additional” information for the post , including a signature wont at all spammy !

  17. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Some nice tips but to be honest being an admin, I would never appreciate comment with
    “Latest Post on My Blog
    Hyperlink to Your Latest Post”

    If I have to give love to my commentator I can use comment luv plugin … Such comments usually land into spam and even Akismet consider such comments as duplicate comment and filter them as spam comment.

  18. John says:

    Here are some additional comments that migh complement the commenting startegy.

    1. Write great headlines – using appropriate capitalizaton
    2. Add Videos from Youtube
    3. Add images,for example,if you are writing about cars, add the images ofthe car
    If you can offer frequently Asked Question, that will be great.
    4 Offer expert opinion on the area
    5.Write god grammer

  19. Peter de seorimícuaro says:

    I particularly newspaper published an article, provided the original constenido consulting various sources, I ping RSS and various social markers but still not taking off my blog only reaches about 30 visits a day.

    I have no more to do.

  20. Akash Gurnani says:

    Now a days blog commenting does not work out as it used to before. Google has changed its algorithm.

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