5 Tips For Making Great Blog Comments That Get Accepted

Commenting on blogs can be a great way to get extra traffic and (if they have do-follow links) a good way to get some link juice to your site. But, like most things online, blog commenting has to be done with a bit of finesse in order to get your comments accepted.

The key thing you want to remember is to add value to the post, this is not a one way street where you can selfishly expect a link – you have to give in order to receive. Here are 5 tips for making great blog comments that are sure to get accepted.

1. Read The Post

This might seem like common sense, but you wouldn’t believe how many comments I get on my blogs where it is obvious that the person never even read the post. Take the time to really read what the post is about and also take some time to think about it. If you can’t make some kind of comment that is on topic, then don’t comment.

2. Check Out What People Are Using In The Name Field

Commenting on blogs is fun and all but we all know that the thing you really want is a backlink and one with your desired anchor text is key. Unfortunately, not every blog owner looks kindly on putting anchor text in the name field. What you need to do is look at the other comments on the blog which have already been accepted. Are they using keywords or names? If you see only names than chances are that your comment will not get accepted if you try to use a keyword. If you see some keywords then go ahead and use yours in the name field.

3. Make An Intelligent Comment

If you followed step 1 and actually read the entire post, then you should be in a good position to make an intelligent comment. One liners like “great post” rarely get accepted on good blogs so don’t even try it! Instead, try to come up with something that adds to the original post. Maybe a complimentary point of view or an example of how you used the points in the post – anything that will be seen as adding value has a better chance of being accepted than something lame like “thanks for posting, that was a great read”.

4. Keep It Short And Sweet (be polite)

While you want to make an intelligent relevant comment that adds to the discussion, you don’t want to write a novel. Keep your comment short and to the point. Not so short that it is only a few words, but not 500 words either. I usually stick to about 3 or 4 lines. Also, you want to be polite – don’t write negative remarks about the post or other commenters. You can disagree if you want, but do it in a nice way.

5. Proof Read It

It’s important that your comment is easily readable and grammatically correct with no spelling errors so take the time to look it over before you click the submit button.

Blog commenting can be a great way to get traffic and backlinks but, in order for the time you invest to pay off, you need to do it right. Think of it from the blog owners perspective and create good comments that will enhance their blog and you’re sure to get your comments accepted almost every time!

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