Visualize Your Network With LinkedIn InMaps

LinkedIn InMaps is an amazing interactive visual representation to visualize your LinkedIn network. Would your connections form clusters or groups?

LinkedIn InMaps is a  great way to understand the relationships between you and your entire set of LinkedIn connections. It will help you understand your professional network to help pass  job opportunities, seek professional advice etc.

Interpreting Your LinkedIn InMap? Your InMap is color-coded to represent different affiliations or groups from your professional career, such as your previous employer, college classmates, or industries you’ve worked in. Bigger names represent people who are the most connected within that specific cluster or group. When you click on a contact within a circle you’ll see their profile pop up on the right, as well as lines highlighting how they’re connected to your connections. See video below for more ideas.

How is LinkedIn InMap useful? Label each cluster (color) and explore your connections to see who are the major bridges on your map. You can use those insights to measure your own impact or influence, or create opportunities for someone else.

Visit and login to LinkedIn to get started.

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