New Yahoo! Full Page Ads on Login Pages

Now Yahoo! has allowed advertisers to place full page ads on Yahoo! login pages at and surely comes as a surprise to those logging in. Launching  12 new ad formats, Yahoo! now lets advertisers target more space to tell their brand story. Interactive creatives engage, entertain and drives sales, while social, branding and content solutions that will edge out competitors.

yahoo full page ads

The Login page ads provide exclusive placement on with a full page ad of 1440 x 1024 max and allow the creative to be static or interactive. The interactive version may include a button that opens a 450 x 450 Flash experience or plays a video. The USP is bigger canvas, bolder creative and massive reach (more than 26 million daily users) with 100% mindshare. Check out some creative examples of Malibu, Traverse, Equinox, Cruze, and Volt.

yahoo full page ads

So did it help to increase sales and brand engagement? GM has a story to tell – the new ads help to increase awareness, promote engagement, drive traffic and help some of the sites attain the highest traffic ever, and surpass their competitors for the first time. Yahoo! Digital AdVentures invites advertisers to the brave new world of advertising on Yahoo! properties. Rethink online marketing. Push limits. Get significant results.


  1. need your help says:

    Hi, my partner and i are doing mock “advertising campaign” and we were interested in the pricing of a Full Page Ad on the Login Pages… any help would be appreciated! :)

    • Mahendra says:

      Hi if you want to advertise on yahoo login page you can contact yahoo ad network and make enquiry

  2. Julian says:

    i think Bing will also put full page ads on its search page

  3. Ngan says:

    Well, at least the advertisement is not an eye sore, i have to admit that it is kind of beautiful and unique.

  4. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Unlike other pop up full page ads.. One added by yahoo is kind of unique and looks neat. More over since they will be putting only premium advertisers, no one would mind such ads…

  5. M.DAS says:

    Thanks ,
    I have to admit that it is kind of beautiful and unique.

  6. Jasmine says:

    Just like what a few of the commentators above have said, I also think the premium full page ads are neat and cool. It actually beautifies the login pages!

  7. Thomas L. says:

    The full page ads are annoying and offer no opt out. As a Yahoo! mail customer, I hate them. I don’t want to be forced to see giant ads every time I check my email.

  8. Susan says:

    I hate the ads that are being placed on my login page. I have my preferences on OPT OUT. I will never do business with any company that places their ad on my login page.

  9. Monica says:

    I detest the ads on the Yahoo login page. I resent the constant shoving of ads in my space. Never will I do business with companies that shove their ad on me.

  10. Kelli says:

    I loathe the ads on my yahoo login page. I have contacted Yahoo hundreds of times only to receive form replies. Yahoo will not listen, but companies will. I will never do business with any company that places their irritating ad on my login page and am contacting those companies to voice my detest of their ad. No company will shove their ad in my face.

  11. kayode says:

    how much does it cost to place ad on yahoo login page? Which company do i contact for the placement?

  12. kayode says:

    am interested in the cost of placing ad on the yahoo login page. pls, can any help me? i also want to know how to place advert on yahoo.

  13. Akash Gurnani says:

    Full Page ads of Yahoo is best one. Never seen such attractive ads.

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