Download KinEmote to Play Angry Birds with Kinect

Download Kinemote for Windows and you can play Angry Birds game using the XBox Kinect camera! Kinemote is Kinect software package available for Windows that allows users to control Windows games and apps with an XBox Kinect camera.

KinEmote lets you use hand movements to play popular Windows games and control 1,000’s of Windows applications easily. See the video below on how you can use the new Virtual Mouse function in Kinemote to play Angry Birds with your Kinect. Hold the wireless controller in your hand and have KinEmote track that hand for the mouse functions – you could just as easily use a wireless mouse or a Power Point clicker! It’s a great fun way to play Angry Birds on your big screen with KinEMote and your Kinect camera.

Download Kinemote | Download Angry Birds – the most popular iPhone app now on your computer.

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