Download Angry Birds Game for Windows 7/XP Computers

Now Download Angry Birds game for Windows 7 and Windows XP platforms in Intel’s AppUp netbook app store. The most popular iPhone game is here for all to enjoy, but its not free. Angry Birds is a hugely popular game and consistently tops the charts for the most popular iPhone apps.

Angry Birds game

While Angry Birds iPhone App costs $0.99 if you decide to buy it on iTunes (or you can try the Angry Birds Lite version for free), the Angry Birds Windows App will cost $4.99. Only Works on Windows 7 and Windows XP (wonder why they left out Windows Vista). Do you enjoy Angry Birds?

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  1. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Angry Birds.. The game is looking very nice one. Thanks for sharing it.
    Lets try..

    • Kamal @DailyTechie says:

      Well Angry Birds is a great game. More of a great time-waster when you don’t have anything important to do :P

  2. Ayush Chand says:

    It’s a very good game. thanks :)

  3. wescott says:

    can u buy this game for your pc

  4. ali says:

    i really really love this game,,i enjoyed every moment..

  5. Krystal says:

    Love this game…totally addicting

  6. Manpreet says:

    Very, Very Good – The BEST 5 Star Rating!!!

  7. Bibin says:

    was looking for this pc version for aa long time.. had this in my iTouch.. loved it a lot…

  8. alvis says:

    it’s fun in iphone bt doesn’t same goes to pc

  9. kiki maulani says:

    Download game free Angry bird. my security kaspersky

  10. safira says:

    kok ga bisa download sih… capek nih nyariin angry birds… I want that game…

  11. paul b shirk says:

    no support…doesnt work, three responses from “customer support” with email copies of what settings i need to change to help it work.. no personal help.. why do i need to be a techie and solve their problems…did everything they “suggested” and it still doesn’t work on a pc…where is the real support?

  12. Amit says:

    How to download and play Angry Bird for windows 7

  13. Raghav says:

    I’m crazy about this game. Is there any free version available on the internet?

  14. jill mehta says:

    i just love to play angry birds and am a big fan of it.

  15. candice says:

    This game is so addictive I LOVE IT!!! :)

  16. liza says:

    i enjoyed playing angry birds!

  17. rahul says:

    when i want to open the game its showing “texture is too large 2048×2048 can i have any solution

  18. Amith says:

    I’m not able to download it. Can anybody send me the exact download link to my ID? Thanks in advance!

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