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Microsoft Hardware has announced the new Microsoft Touch Mouse which adds multitouch gestures to Windows 7 in addition to the normal “point and click” experience.

Touch MouseMicrosoft Touch Mouse enhances Windows navigation, allows easy switching between tasks and uses gestures to quickly scroll and pan, zoom, navigate, and manipulate content. The Touch Mouse also utilizes BlueTrack Technology making it usable without a mouse pad on almost any surface. The small nano transceiver (2.4GHz wireless) snaps into the bottom of the mouse for easy storage. The Touch Mouse is the result of the Mouse 2.0 project.

  • One Finger lets you manage the content of a document or webpage – moving one finger lets you precisely scroll in any direction and hyperscroll through long documents with a quick flick of your finger, while using your thumb lets you move back/forward easily through your internet browser.
  • Two Fingers lets you manage multiple windows by maximizing, minimizing, restoring, and snapping them side-by-side.
  • Three Fingers lets you navigate the whole desktop – three fingers up to display all of your open windows for easy task switching or three fingers down for clearing the desktop entirely.

Watch a demo of the touch mouse.

While this is still under production, the Apple Magic Mouse is very popular on Mac computers and laptops (and you can use Mac mouse with Windows PC also).

Microsoft has won the Red Dot awards for its innovative computer mouse earlier, and lets see if it works for the Touch mouse. In case you are wondering, this is not the first touch mouse by Microsoft – Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse was launched successfully earlier and you might give it a try. Here are 15 strange mouse you might like.

Preorder Microsoft Touch Mouse on Amazon right now for $79.95. The Touch Mouse will be available in June 2011.

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