10 WordPress Plugins That Power QOT

Many of you have asked what wordpress plugins we use to power QOT. Well below are the 10 WordPress plugins that are active right now to power this site.

  1. Akismet –  this is the single most important plugin for any WordPress blog if you want to moderate comments in a sane manner. It effectively blocks all the spam which hundreds of bots keep posting everyday. We get thousands of spam comments each day, and without Akismet managing comments would be impossible.
  2. All in One SEO – claims to be an out of the box SEO plugin. It fixes all your titles and relevant meta tags to help your blog get higher search engine rankings. No wonder it is the most download wordpress plugin. WordPress expert can manually fix a lot of code themselves, but for most bloggers this does the SEO job in one click.
  3. Clean Archives Reloaded – is the easiest way to create an archives page for your site. Simply activate the plugin, create a page titles ‘archives’, then cut past a simple shortcode and your fresh archive is live. See our archives page.
  4. Evermore –  this is a simple way to abbreviate all posts when viewed on multiple post pages. This makes all posts behave as if there is a “<!–more–>” at an appropriate spot inside the content. See it live on our front page.
  5. Google XML Sitemaps –  This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com to better index your blog. It regularly updates your sitemap whenever your posts or pages changes and pings search engines.
  6. Grunion Contact Form –  this is the best contact form by Automatic itself, makers of WordPress. It will let you add a contact form to any post, page or text widget. Emails will be sent to the post’s author by default, or any email address you choose. You must have seem it on WordPress.com. See it live on our contact form.
  7. WordPress Stats –  this is a light weight analytics plugins (again as seen on WordPress.com) to track site statistics and monitor you site traffic, backlinks, and traffic charts right from the WordPress dashboard. Simple and easy.
  8. WordPress Data Backup – provides an automated  as well as on demand back up of your wordpress databases.  It is must have to back your database safely on your email, computer or server itself, to save you on a bad server day.
  9. Wp-Ban –  Sometimes you are stuck with a particularly spammy IP which despite getting in the spam queue, keeps posting thousands of comments on your site and overloading your server. Ban IP addresses easily and protect your blog. It works.
  10. Wp-supercache –  this is the must have plugin to keep your site up and running not only when you have the Digg traffic hitting you, but also routinely to cache all your content and reduce server load with all those PHP calls. Do not start a WordPress blog without it.

I shared my WordPress plugins. What plugins do you use besides these?


  1. n3co says:

    thanks for sharing :) i ll try about contact form and archive page

  2. Vincent Chow says:

    I just wrote an article about dumping Akismet. Give GASP a try before crowning Akismet as the king of WordPress anti-spam.

    It works great on my blog. Would like to know how effective it is on much bigger sites like QOT.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Well I searched for GASP, short for GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin. It is new to me and will try it sometime.

      • Brankica says:

        Definitely give it a go, it is a must have. I love it and had not bot comments since I installed it.

        Forgot to mention in my reply that I am going to install this archive page plugin, cause I just saw your archives page and I loved it. Hope it will be easy to set up :)

        • QuickOnlineTips says:

          If you enable the javascript option in the Archives plugin, the months can collapse into a neat list.

  3. Brankica from Live Your Love says:

    I am using some of these plugins, although a different one for forms. Still I am a newbie and probably don’t need some of these plugins yet.
    An example of that would be WP ban, since I am not having spammers like that (with thousands of spam comments) yet. But that one is definitely going into my bookmarks because it seems like one I (and others bloggers I communicate with) can use.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Check if most of your spam comments are being posted from a single IP. Use WP-ban to block it.

  4. Eleazar says:

    I use Greg’s High Performance SEO instead of All-in-One SEO. In my experienced, it’s very reliable in optimizing my posts for search engine traffic. What do you think about this SEO plugin?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Greg’s High Performance SEO looks good. May try soon.

  5. Julian says:

    how about bookmarker plugins?

  6. Moncef says:

    You have listed a few great plugins, but you should spend more time proofreading your posts before publishing them. I have counted at least 12 spelling and grammar mistakes.

  7. Xiaofeng says:

    I’m using WP-postviews and addthis plugins though my blogs are currently under construction.
    I came up with a new English name for myself, Walter Tong,could you please tell me how about this English name?

  8. Xiaofeng says:

    There is something wrong with your site, the pages don’t show up completely today. I’m in China. I’m using a VPN to browse now.

  9. Saket says:

    QOT, Wp Timemachine is another must try plugin for automatic backups. It sends backups straight to S3 or Dropbox

  10. Tinh says:

    The #10 can be replaced with W3 Total Cache with CDN and many other features too :-)

  11. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Hey Qot..
    Thanks for sharing your list of plugins though I’m wondering are you using only 10 plugins? That’s too less.. Despite of trying a lot, I ended up using 30 plugins at this moment..

  12. Donna says:

    Awesome list of plug-ins, that improves the look and feel of your wordpress website or blog. thanks for sharing with us.

  13. TS-21 says:

    I am using some of these plugins, Thanks for sharing and the tip…

  14. Bobby says:

    QOT, I’m also using 4 kind of above plugins.

  15. Dalas says:

    Thanks for the heads up on WP plugins! I am going to take a look at the Data Backup, Grunion Form and Supercache plugins.

    I am already using Akismet, XML Sitemap and the All in One SEO (which is great for anyone who doesn’t have it yet!) Another great plugin for anyone doing marketing online is the WP Footer Ad. It’s completely free and allows you to add an html ad to the bottom of your website!

  16. Sarkari Naukri says:

    thanks for sharing. i will try all plugins.

  17. Brett Widmann says:

    These are great plugins! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Meenakshi Rana says:

    Thanks for the plugins. i can also try these plugins :)

  19. Akash Gurnani says:

    Excellent Article but i think you missed out WP ROcket.

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