Play Angry Birds ‘Knock On Wood’ Board Game

Mattel is planning to launch the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game, which will bring the popular smartphone app on  a board game for your kids to play and enjoy.

ElectricPig managed to get a sneak preview of the Angry Birds Knock on Wood game, which is a real-life two-four player Angry Birds-inspired game from Mattel where players get to launch plastic birds at pigs for real.

Angry Birds Board Game

angry birds board game

You can see the 2 types of birds and the catapult which will hurl these angry birds on the little green pigs. One player draws a card and creates the same wooden board and pigs placement, which is then attacked by the other player.

Watch the video below for a live hands on preview.

Angry Birds is by far the the most popular iPhone app and now is also available for download on Windows 7/XP. Angry Birds ‘Knock On Wood’ game is expected to be on sale after May 2011!

Update: Someone also developed a real Angry Birds Catapult.

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