Top 10 iPhone Apps for 2010

Here are top 10 Apple iPhone Apps. So are you one of those guys who have been waiting for the White iPhone 4 by not going with the Black? And do you know what Steve is planning these days? “White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Spring 2011” Yeah! That’s right. Apple’s spokesman, Trudy Miller confirmed this news in a press release and apologized the customers for such a long, actually very long delay! :)

I would definitely suggest you not waiting for the White, go and get the Black! And if you have got your hands-on it, so it’s time now to load your little master piece with some seriously cool apps!

I am a big fan of Apple iPhone 4, I just love it! I have been experimenting paid and free apps with it for a couple of months. And finally I have made a Top List of Apps for the Apple iPhone 4. And I hope you guys are going to love them! So here we go!

List of Top 10 iPhone Apps!


1- Angry Birds: [Pricing: $0.99]: Developed by Chillingo, the company who sold 1 million copies of their latest app, “Cut the Rope for iPad” Angry Birds has been rated the #1 Game for the iPhone this year! The Angry Bird for iPhone is an exciting, fun packed game where the Angry Birds have to fight the green pigs who stole your eggs. The Angry Birds is a Must Have iPhone game! Now you can get the latest update where the birds have special abilities and new levels!

2- Fruit Ninja [Pricing: $0.99] Fruit Ninja has been designed for both the iPhone and the iPad. This fun and addictive gaming app has be developed by the Halfbrick Studios. Fruit Ninja has sold over Two Million copies after the release The latest update [Nov 03] comes with multi-player. It has been rated as the #1 Paid App in Norway, Russia, Czech Republic and Germany! And comes after the Angrybirds in USA! Recommended!

3- Cut the Rope [Pricing: $0.99] Designed and developed by Chillingo, Cut the Rope is available on both the iPhone and the iPad. It’s really fun playing this game, and has been a very successful app this year! In the story, you receive a mysterious box with an unknown creature inside, he loves eating candies, so start feeding because he never stops! :)

4- Dragon Dictation [Pricing: Free] Dragon Dictation for the iPhone is one of the best apps that you can give your iPhone 4! It’s a simple yet powerful voice recognition app for your iPhone developed by the Dragon. How to use Dragon? Easy! All you have to do is to tap the app and start speaking, tap when ended and watch your narrations in email or text, it’s that simple! You cannot miss this one!

5- Kindle for iPhone [Pricing: Free] App developed by the Amazon for both the iPad and the iPhone. This creates an amazing experience for the book readers. The text looks clear and crisp on the beautiful screen of the iPhone. Once you install it on your iPhone, you will be able to access 725,000+ books via the Kindle Store. You will also be able to get your hands on the best sellers and the new releases!

6- Twitterrific for Twitter [Pricing: Free | Upgrade to Premium $4.99] Available on both the iPhone and the iPad. This universal platform Twitter application has been specially designed for Tweeple! It has a very clear and smooth user interface, you can start tweeting with Twitterrific for Twitter with a few taps. Latest features include, instapaper, filter tweets and themes!

7- The Karate Kid [Pricing: Free] The movie was a Hit and the app designed by the Sony Pictures for both the iPhone and iPad is amazing. Keeping the same stunts and karate style, the developers have done a great job with this amazing iPhone App! You’ll love it!

8- Siri Assistant[Pricing: Free] Designed and developed by Siri, it’s one of the best free Productivity Apps for your iPhone. This beautiful and intelligent iPhone app is very cool, all you have to do is to speak clear and plain English, let’s say, “How to make Khiladi Sizzler”. And within moments, Siri Assistant will start gathering information and you’ll get the reciepe, Cool na! :)

9- Public Radio Player [Pricing: Free} The Public Radio is an amazing iPhone app which turns your iPhone into a Radio! The latest release also includes the background audio support. Features like the timeline, pause/rewind, show-schedule and an alarm clock make it even more killer!

10- Backbreaker Football [Pricing: $0.99] The Backbreaker Football has very cool and amazing graphics and gives the user a more Realistic backbreaking football experience! The game environment and the transitions are very smooth. Already downloaded 3 Million times!

Okay, that’s it! This was the List of The Top Ten iPhone Apps for 2010. I hope you guys will love all these!

Hey, don’t forget to share your favorite apps, I’ll love to have them! Share in your comments! :)

Guest author Aurangzaib Qumbrani is an 18 year old Software Engineering Student and the Chief Editor of the where he shares his interests about Microsoft, Google and the Apple Innovations. He also shares tips and tricks for iPhone Jailbreaks and Unlocks and other app reviews.  

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