How to Add Facebook Comments to Your Blog

A new Facebook social plugin allows you to add Facebook comments to your blog and replace WordPress comments. The new Facebook commenting system can be added to any webpage on any site!

Install Facebook Comments

Go to the Facebook Comments Plugin page, and fill up the details to get your cut and paste code instantly. Remember to use this plug-in, your site must have an application ID. You can get an application ID by registering your site on Facebook Developers. Then you can also “Administer Comments”. There is also an inbuilt Like button which shows the number of likes on each page.

facebook comments

We are testing Facebook Comments live on the site and you can see it below all post pages right now. There is a checkbox option to post the comment to your facebook profile also.  See  it is working along with our WordPress comments and we hope it will definitely add to more social community development around QOT.

Replace WordPress comments: Its easy to remove WordPress comments by editing the single.php file, but that will remove all comments from your site. New blogs can see this as a viable option to have only facebook comments on their site.

Have you added Facebook Comments to your site?

Update: We have temporarily removed the Facebook comments (and manually reposted some of your FB comments as WordPress comments). There seems to be no interface to moderate Facebook comments occurring across different posts. On our Facebook page you can moderate comments on one page, but this is not the case here. You can delete comments, mark spam and block users, but you cannot see where the comments happen unless you visit each article.

Update: The latest version of Facebook comments has a fully featured moderation system and could easily help increase your Facebook subscribers by cross posting their comments on their Facebook news feed, encouraging more subscribers.


  1. Nasif says:

    It does now work on thsis theme :s

  2. koushik says:


    Ah! That’s a great news. Face Book is world renowned social site. I will definitely take the chance.

  3. Vincent Chow says:

    It’s a viable addition, but definitely not a replacement of the native comment system, for the following reason:

    1. It will discriminate against readers who does not have a Facebook account/does not want to reveal their real identity.

    2. The incentive for blog or website owners to leave a comment is now missing, as there is no way for other readers to reach their sites unless they shamelessly plug it in the comment body itself.

    3. Lag of customization options. While the interface is pretty standard, it would proof useful if we could customize it to match our blog’s look and feel.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Some very good points Vincent. I guess Facebook wants to keep the standard interface so people recognize it instantly. Of course website backlinks is another good reason gone here.

  4. Nasif Abdur Razzaque says:

    I think implementing Facebook comment box on a blog is more interactive !

  5. Scott Skibell says:

    I think the question is whether Facebook comments will be as easy to administer. For example, is it easy to reply and mark comments as spam. And what about catching the spam before it even appears in Facebook comments. Askimet is pretty hard to beat on WordPress.

    But like you, I need to experiment with it as well because it could drive more traffic if it gets passed around Facebook.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Its easy to make comments as spam and delete them also. We can choose not to allow anonymous comments, so that should take care of most of the spam. The fact that the comments are shared on the FB profiles, gets more traffic. But I see no interface to moderate comments happening throughout the site.

  6. Carlos Carrillo says:

    This is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Gem Webb says:

    I use THESIS with open hooks and it doesnt seem to allow each comment area to be specific for each post.

    The work around I have found is to directly add the facebook app script into each post and then it works. Go see:

  8. keylogger says:

    This is AWESOME

  9. Esra says:

    Hi, I installed Facebook comments on my blog, but the same comments appear under each post. I see that you have mentioned this problem above in your article. Is there a workaround? Thanks.

  10. Tinh says:

    Nice tool but I am concerned about loading time if I add this to my blog now. Have you ever tested it yet, I mean loading time?

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