Fastest Way to Export Contacts from Blackberry to Android Smartphone

How can you export / transfer your Blackberry contacts to an Android phone easily. I bought a new Samsung Ace Android smartphone and decided to transfer contacts from my Blackberry Curve mobile phone, but it was not so easy.

Phone to SIM memory

How I transferred contacts last time? I thought I would transfer all contacts from phone memory to the SIM card, and simply put in the SIM card in the Andorid and all contacts would come live. But all my contacts were stored on the Blackberry phone and there seemed no easy way to transfer contacts from phone to SIM like my previous Sony Erricson phone.

The alternative suggested by tech support was to use the PC Blackberry computer software, and sync the contacts. Then we could export the contacts to the Android software on the computer and and then the Android phone connected to the computer would import contacts…. but that was too much to do.

Google Sync

Then I installed Google sync on the Blackberry by visiting I downloaded the app and synced the Blackberry contacts to my Google Account. Then it was easy.

On the Samsung Ace Android Gmail app, I simply signed in to my Google account and it imported all my contacts in minutes. I had to install no software, not backup anything to the SIM, and Google Sync took care of everything.

Save Contacts to Google – Now when the Android phone asks me where to save a new contact – I dont save new contacts on Phone memory or SIM memory, but directly to Google…. that way even if I lose my phone, all my contacts are safely stored and restored to the new phone in minutes. Try Google Sync today.

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