Download Google Webmasters Site Verification WordPress Plugin

Download and install the official Google Webmasters Site Verification WordPress Plugin, which makes it the easiest way to verify your self hosted blogs to Google Webmasters tools.

All sites added to the Google webmaster tools have to  be verified to make sure you have access and can confirm it is your site. This opens a whole lot of statistics and Google insider information about your site which is very valuable information for webmasters and site owners.

Until now the site verification options were – meta tags, links to Google Analytics or upload an html file to your server or as recommended add a DNS record to your domain name configuration.

verify site ownership

Now download the official Google Webmasters Site Verification WordPress Plugin and get the job done in minutes. This plugin needs WordPress 3.0 (or higher), PHP 5.2.0 (or higher), the JSON PHP extensions, and the CURL PHP extensions or it won’t activate.

Once activated, in the left sidebar of WP admin, click “Start Verification”, Follow authentication prompts and click “Grant access” when you are prompted to give your blog access to the Google Site Verification API. Its done. Google wants more webmasters to get verified and use the power of the webmaster tools they offer to help them improve their Google search engine results.


  1. Julian says:

    instead of Google Webmaster, there are some third party that requires Meta verification, such as MyBlogLog, Blogcatalog, etc.

    so i prefer to use Easy Meta for better meta management ^_^

  2. Juan Vender en internet says:

    Great plugin, but I have already done manually. I’ll use it with my next blog. Thanks for sharing this tool.



  3. Fayaz Ahmad says:

    Thanks for sharing this man . I was facing problem before to vwerify my site ownership

  4. Amrish SIngh says:

    I word press we found several problem during verification of site that where to add the code but not this is easiest way yo verify by using this plugin

  5. amar says:

    Thanks for sharing this great this plugin free?

  6. vipin says:

    Is there any updated version available for this plugin?

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