See The New QOT Logo: Live Now!

We have a brand new logo live on QOT! We held a logo design contest at 99designs and the copyright transfers were recently completed. There is also a modified cleaner blog design to complement it.

Logo Design Contest

Which one of these won?

Logo design

We sought your help in choosing our new logo a few weeks back, and we thank each one of you for helping us choose. We appreciate your comments, feedback, votes and expert views in helping us in getting a more branded logo. For just $295, we got 204 design concepts from 35 designers!

New Logo Winner

The new logo is made by juniango, a very talented logo designer who participated and gave some excellent logo designs. Several other talented designers like mis9inoji, cockcorner, Dr Pixel, joined in to create some beautiful logos. After choosing the design, we were able to modify it a little to make it better.

QOT logo

We chose the current design as it was simple, clean, professional, highlighted QOT (which we have popularly become known as) and gave better branding and would probably look good on merchandise (coming soon…). The orange color signifies the RSS colors, blue has been our preferred color for links and backgrounds for long. The Q is a mix of a comment bubble and the RSS bar.

Well, this logo was not cheap (especially since we got our earlier free logo in a logo design deal for bloggers!), but it was well worth the money.  99designs offer a very user-friendly, very professional system for the whole process and attract amazing designers, many of which you can track on high-value contests. They are quick to extend deadlines, very helpful, and have an excellent platform to bring together customers and talented designers.

The logos across the network will change soon. See it live right now on this page. Do you like our new logo?


  1. Albert says:

    Congrats to QOT Team :)

  2. Prasanth Chandra says:

    This one looks net. Cool design.

  3. promosyon says:

    Your site is very good. There are useful information and most importantly, for sharing great. Thank you.

  4. Veron says:

    That’s a neat logo. My feedback would be that the black background color in the header bar doesn’t work that well with this logo. I would use a light background color and maybe give it a blue-to-white vertical gradient.

    Just my 2cents :)

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Thanks for those design tips. We are still working on what looks best. We will keep those in mind.

  5. Tech Crates says:

    The new modified logo looks cool….

  6. Eddie says:

    Neat and professional looking logo indeed!

  7. Saket says:

    Ok looks like you’ve already selected the winner but Logo #107 was the ultimate one, it looked way better than the current one

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