Watch IPL Cricket Matches 2011 Live Online

Watch the 2011 DLF Indian Premier League IPL Cricket matches live online on channel and never miss the cricketing sports action as you work on your computer. Other popular Youtube IPL channels are IPL Live, and IPL Live Streaming.

The 51-day cricket tournament of the IPL season will be webcast globally on YouTube and the full-length videos of each match will be made available at the end, with catch-up videos and highlights too.

watch IPL live

As I type this post, I am viewing the IPL cricket match live on my second monitor and its being transmitted in high resolution on full screen. The same IPL cricket match is also live online on where you can post facebook comments.


  1. Kamal Hasa says:

    Youtube live has picked up the streaming rate. Glad it did because cwclive sucked big time!

  2. Tech Crates says:

    Great :-) Now I can watch IPL and blog simultaneously

  3. Nick Oba says:

    Great, there goes my productivity.

  4. Bob says:

    hey this is a good match isnt it!

  5. Mehwis says:

    This site is great source of watch ipl live.

  6. puviyarasan says:

    watch free live streaming cricket online

  7. pramod kumar says:

    it hurt me that RCB team out of the tournament.I missing gal virat ,and zaheer and many other ok next time.

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