Asus Padfone: Phone in a Tablet! [Videos]

ASUS has unveiled the highly-anticipated Padfone, a smart convergence of smartphone and tablet. This brings users the best features of both devices to suit their needs.

See unveiling of the Asus Padfone in this video

Asus Padfone

asus padfoneAs the smartphone docks inside the tablet, the users can look at the bigger screen of the tablet and get an expanded view to suit tasks. The phone neatly docked inside can now recharge from the tablet’s larger battery and can be used for a longer time.

Enhanced connectivity of the pad / tablet is made possible as it can now utilize the the smartphone’s 3G internet connection using only 1 SIM card. Applications seamlessly transition and there are no data transfer issues between pad and phone.

Change your life. Get inspired by this promo video

Get the Asus Padfone…. coming soon. Will it change the way we use the smartphone and the tablet. Maybe.

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