Make YouTube Videos Load Faster with YouTube Feather

Get Youtube feather and make YouTube Videos load faster over your slow internet connection. Youtube pages load up a lot of code and options usually, making the page heavy and your favorite youtube videos take time to start as the page loads.

Fast Youtube with Youtube Feather

Well Youtube does have a alternative version which has been in beta test for some time called Youtube Feather, which promises to serve YouTube video pages with the lowest latency possible. It removes lots of optional interactive and sharing features in the Youtube video and uses advanced code to reduce the page download size so it loads much faster in your slow internet connection. Join the “Feather” Beta.

I tried it and see below the page is definitely much light weight and fast laoding.

youtube feather

For the common Youtube user, you just need to watch the video with no frills which comes attached with the Youtube page. I tried Youtube Feather, and have never switched back. Its light, its fast, its clean – just like you want it.

youtube feather switch back

All the pages will have the option to switch back to the regular Youtube page. I suggest you can keep the Youtube feather option enabled by default, get fast loading pages, and whenever you want to share or get more interactivity, click “Just this once” and all features are enabled.

Try Youtube Feather and let us know if you liked the tip.


  1. Nishant Soni says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Youtube is now an important aspect for internet marketing so everyone wants their videos to be viewed comfortably by the viewers.

    Appreciate the post.

  2. simon flymo says:

    it is always good to get information on youtube,since the iframe structure can take ages to get the youtube video to load if you have a slow connection so this information is very useful

  3. simon flymo says:

    opps i forgot to add that you should also try to end the video so that the visitor stays on your site after watching the youtube video which is related to your site

  4. Tech Crates says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. Will definitely try youtube feather… :-)

  5. Zohan @ ScreamingTips says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. will try this feather tool, and let me see the result! I hope it would be awesome!

  6. Isha Singh says:

    well nice feature by youtube. it loads the video faster and also saves some bytes from internet uses.

  7. Fayaz Ahmad says:

    This is really good . It is happen because in Youtube Feather , It is showing less video that normal mode

  8. John says:

    Yeah it works, but I don’t think it makes too big of a difference.

  9. Hayley says:

    Just tried it, I have a slow connection and my computers processor is small, so videos take forever. But with that there is quite a difference, I like it.

  10. dannylack says:

    Sorry…tried this new attempt to view youtube videos more quickly..but alas no luck…youtube as frustratingly slow with buffers etc…as ever…

  11. May says:

    I’m having a problem when I join youtube feather nothing happens,the page still looks like the regular youtube. I uninstalled firefox then installed again but same problem. I used to watch videos on youtube beta just fine. what might’ve happened.and what can I do so i can be able to watch video on youtube feather again.

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