How Parents Can Add Expected Child Details on Facebook

If you are pregnant and expecting a baby, would be mothers / parents can now add details about expected child to facebook profiles. A new option in Facebook allows parents to share the name, and expected date of birth of their coming baby.

To edit your Facebook setting to post details about your expected child, login to facebook and go to Edit Profile > Friends and Family > Family. You will find these options. If you have already added Family, then select “Add another family member” and a new box will appear.

facebook family options

Then in “Select Relation” drop down box look for “Expected Child”

facebook expecting child

Add the optional baby name if you have decided, and add the expected date of birth. Most obstetricians would have informed mothers about expected date of delivery. Now when you add this profile update, your profile reveals this

facebook baby details

So this is a good time for parents to add the details of your expected child to Facebook and break the news to share with your friends and family.

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