How to Get Ad Free Google Site Search

Need Ad free Google Site Search? We currently use Google Custom Search and it is filled with ads powered by Google Adsense for Search. It is not possible to remove Google Ads from Google Custom search unless you are willing to pay Google for using their site search.

Get Google Site Search, the paid search version. So why would you want to replace Adsense for Search (which makes money for you) with Google Site Search (for which you pay money) – to get a powerful professional search tool on your website, without ads (which take people away from your site).

Bloggers can get started with as low as $100 for 20,000 Search Queries (anually), which should be sufficient for most small blogs and personal websites. For $250, small businesses may like to get an enhanced 50,000 search query limit; and higher packages for more search queries.

Google Site Search will help your site with a hosted search solution, with custom search boxes and results using XML, optional Google branding and flexible pricing model based on search queries. Enhanced Index Coverage ensures comprehensive search results by crawling and indexing more content, even for pages deep within a site; though this won’t influence your Google search engine rankings. Get the power of related search terms, Refinements to help categorize search results, Date biasing (influence search ranking based on the age of the documents), and the ability to target the top search results from specific sections of your website.

A new feature called On-Demand Indexing lets you get a select number of pages on your website indexed quickly. You can have the latest version of these pages included in your Google Site Search within 24 hours!

Do you use Google Site Search?

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