Google Adsense Ads Not Showing!

Right now Google Adsense Ads are not showing on our site! The Adsense ads are replaced by blank ad spaces (check this post on our site yourself). Since Adsense ads is an important source of blog income, such an occurence was disturbing, and we needed to investigate why it was happening.

No Adsense Ads

When I found the issue, I was surprised and at first it stuck me that its possible the ads were disabled! Here are some of the things I quickly checked –

  1. Checked my email for any Adsense warnings for policy violation etc., but there were none.
  2. I though it might be a browser issue – cleared the cache, then checked my site in other browsers – no ads.
  3. Then I checked the site in my Android mobile phone browser and still no ads.
  4. Then I tried to see if the code was properly inserted, as sometimes you can break the code if you use WYSIWYG html editors. But the code was inserted properly.

money loss

Then I went searching for possible causes for non displaying Adsense ads, and Adsense Help provides some answers like

  1. JavaScript disabled in your browser. Since adsense scripts are needed to show ads, the option should be enabled
  2. Personal firewall software with ad blocking / other ad blocking software – Many times there can be ad blocking software like Adblock, or your Antivirus might be blocking the scripts!
  3. Disapproved site – Well then you need to go seeking help with Adsense support and see which guidelines you violated.
  4. Pages with potentially adult or mature content – that is sure to violate Adsense guidelines.
  5. Any other Adsense policy violation
  6. Account at risk to advertisers or generating invalid clicks – Check your site design – maybe ads are being confused with content and is generating invalid clicks which is costing advertisers unfairly.
  7. Too many ad units on your site – Adsense only allows 3 ads per page – If you add more code, does not mean they will show more ads.

But we always take care to strictly adhere to Adsense policies as it is an important advertising  revenue source for this site.  When I checked the Adsense account, the earnings were not zero, in fact Adsense Search was generating clicks and income.! Which means the Adsense ads were displaying on the site, and Adsense for Search was actually showing ads.

Then I posted to Twitter and checked the forums and realized many people are affected and some even had confirmation that it was a bug and has been fixed now. It did not affect the clicks, earnings and records.


  1. jon says:

    Yep add me to the list of affected. I don’t consider my sites spam or in violation of Google t&c however I hope they haven’t been unfairly penalised in a panda type update to AdSense :-(

  2. sarvesh says:

    Seriously yesterday i was shocked when i saw that there is no ads just blank space.. but then i confirmed with my friends some were able to see ads & some were not .. so thought that there is some issue.. now i’m happy after reading this post :D

  3. jon says:

    This might be of help

  4. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Ok. Our ads are back now after nearly 8-12 hours…

  5. Zarathustra says:

    I too have been affected, but not on the same date as everyone else (i.e. 20/01/12) but today, on the 23rd January. It’s been 12 hours so far, and ads still do not appear on my homepage and on about 50% of my pages, which has resulted in a 70% drop in revenue. Hope Google fix this very soon!!!

  6. tousif says:

    I too have been affected. since last 2,3 days their is not ads on my site. no violation email, nothing… I am little frustrated. please suggest. what to do?

  7. Informasi says:

    when i write this comment none ads showing in my blogs since yesterday but i still got revenue from it.

  8. Design Cruzer says:

    i am totally agree with your article, but i think you should mention one point and that is type of ads, i don’t mean banner-text-and rich media, i am telling about types like, “adsense for content and adsense for parking domain, when ever i know this both ad types are working diffrently, and if we do mistake to get right code, we can’t earn any money if we got lots of click. i would like to know more about this matter. please post about this matter. it will be interesting.

  9. Jonty says:

    Hi Quickonlinetips,
    I am facing this issue on my blog since last few days …. ……. i still cant figure it out ….

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