Highlight Tumblr Posts for More Site Traffic

Now you can highlight Tumblr posts for $1 only and feature your outstanding content to your followers. By just spending $1, your blog post will get highlighted and stand out in the dashboards of all your Tumblr followers, neatly set apart with a custom sticker to add to the extra visibility.

Highlight Tumblr Posts

I noticed a new option has appeared when you post a new article at the bottom right corner, titled “Highlight this post”. This gives you a choice of text across various categories and also allows you to choose from various logos (besides the default Bolt) and colors.

highlight Tumblr post

When you select the Highlight option and then click to publish, you get a popup credit card payment option or Paypal option which you can choose to pay $1. If you have a large number of Tumblr followers Рthis will make your highlighted post stand out above the clutter and drive extra site traffic your way for sure.  Check this out and share your experience.

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