How to Protect Privacy on Twitter

Want to protect your privacy on Twitter? Now Twitter has made available options which allow you to opt out of Twitter suggestions and tailored results, which enhance their ability to customize your experience.

Twitter Privacy

Twitter is tracking your web browsing habits as you continue to visit third-party websites loaded with Twitter buttons and Follow widgets, the so called Twitter ecosystem. They use this tracking information to customize your Twitter experience by offering you tailored suggestions about whom to follow, and this usually includes people frequently followed by other Twitter users that visit the same websites.

Twitter who to follow

Tailored suggestions are useful for most users as it helps you find people with similar interests and will help to grow your Twitter network quickly. It is a great tool for Twitter as it helps to increase engagement with the site, and you are more likely to find your friends and related interesting people.

Twitter continues to aggregate this data and will evolve and tweak suggestions based on your browsing habits. If you want to protect privacy on Twitter, they let you opt out (keeping up their support for Do Not Track initiative, which respects the users right to opt out of tracking measures by websites they do not visit, which includes analytics scripts, advertising networks, and social networks).

Protect Twitter Privacy

Go to Twitter Account > Personalization > Uncheck “Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits”.

opt out Twitter

You can also turn off tailored suggestions here

turn off suggestions

Now Twitter will stop customizing your experience based on your browsing history.

Privacy is a big issue nowadays as you browse around websites and you should know how to opt out of targeted advertising. Remember how Google Adsense requires all publishers to display privacy policy on pages publicly that host third party tracking ads. Most popular websites allow you options to protect privacy like Facebook options for better privacy, and even ability to remove your face from Google Street View!

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