Fastest Way to Add Featured Images to Multiple WordPress Posts

How can you add featured images to multiple WordPress posts easily? When we decided to display post thumbnails in our theme, adding post thumbnail support to the WordPress theme was easy, but the fact that you needed to allocate a Featured image for each post was a very laborious task as you had to manually edit each post, go to the Media Gallery for the article and then label a featured image.

Featured Images

I tried it for a few posts and then gave up. There had to be a faster way to do this.

Featured Image Bulk Select

Well the Bulk-Select Featured Image WordPress plugin came in very handy as it allowed us to select Featured Images directly from the media library view! The media library is available from the WP Admin > Media.

What this plugin did was add a new “Use as Featured Image”link beside each post in the media library. Simply choose the image and click the link, and you have labelled a Featured image for the post.

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multiple featured image

So this allows you to allot Featured Images to multiple posts quickly, without visiting each post! I am sure you found this useful.

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