Google Testing New Tab Sitelinks

Google is testing new tab sitelinks which will help search users navigate deeper into websites, help them find more useful links, and provide a whole new interface for browsing and searching top websites. Site links in Google search is a feature available for popular websites which displays popular links and categories of these websites in the Google search results.

Google Tab Sitelinks

Some sites spotted the tab sitelinks during Google search and this is how it looked like

google tab sitelinks

This is how the Google site links look like for most of us.

google sitelinks

Sitelinks is an important component of Google search, as it helps to highlight popular websites and links to deeper content and popular content on these websites. While there is no clear way in which Webmasters can influence Google site links, Google does a good job of picking the relevant content, yet allows Webmasters to block certain sitelinks if they prefer to do so.

I recall the first time our website got 8 sitelinks, and it was a big moment as it was a feature initially granted only to popular sites. As Google sitelinks continued to expand its usage across the web, they experimented with various different formats over the years. Then one day, our site was displaying 12 Google site links, a new format which occupied almost the entire screen space in the Google search results!

The new tab Google sitelinks promise a new way in which search users can access deep links of websites, and as Google captures the top links and most popular content and categories of popular websites, it will help search users reach more targeted content easily. What are your thoughts on the new tab sitelinks?

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