Why Your Facebook Page Sends Less Site Traffic Now

Do you get lesser Facebook post views and Facebook page traffic to your site than before. My guess is you do. Each of our Facebook page posts used to get around 1000-1400 views by our Facebook page followers around a month back. Now we get around 300-500 views! This is despite that our active Facebook followers have increased much over 10000 followers now, but only very few hundred of them see our posts in their feeds!

Of course Facebook curates your news feeds to filter the clutter and showcase interesting viral content, but has the algorithm changed now or it is about Edgerank issues? How is your Facebook marketing strategy failing…

Facebook Post Promotion

This seems to be due to the new Facebook promote feature which encourages you to engage in Facebook advertising to increase the reach and be seen by more Facebook followers and their friends.

Facebook promote

How would Facebook get you to spend advertising money if they continue to send you free traffic and a large percentage of your followers see your news posts. So is Facebook reducing your post views to get more advertisers?

This issue continues to crop on various sites and it seems Facebook is broken on purpose to promote the Facebook promote feature. Dangerous Minds shows the math.

Facebook answered this question in a recent blog post to explain that Facebook was not ‘gaming news feeds so you pay for more ads.

Regardless of whether you’re paying to promote a story or just posting one to your Page, the news feed will always optimize for stories that generate high levels of user engagement and filter out ones that don’t. So in Page Insights you may see that the organic reach of not-so-engaging posts is lower. Posts that get good organic engagement, however, should continue to achieve healthy reach.

Most blogs now also post article headlines on Facebook brand pages, but Facebook optimizes the reach based on user engagement and the secret Facebook algorithm. Many people now follow RSS feeds in Facebook, rather than news readers like Google reader, since they find it a much more interactive medium with their freinds – but what if they never see your Facebook posts because Facebook ‘filters’ their news feed to show content they like.

Why don’t Facebook followers get all your posts in their feeds, and if they do not like your content or you post too much to clutter their feeds, they could easily unsubscribe these pages. Maybe Facebook needs a new design to fit in more content.

Filtering news feed content to reduce number of people who see your posts by whatever strange algorithm is not a good idea for promoting interactive Facebook Pages!

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