10 Key Steps to Get Most Out of Facebook Marketing!

How to get the most out of Facebook Marketing? After Google, Facebook is the most popular website in the world. With millions and millions of members, it’s no wonder why so many internet marketers use Facebook as a platform for advertising.

It’s so easy to find a targeted audience by joining groups and clubs. However, this is something that your competitors are doing too, so you need to work on making your page stand out.

Facebook Marketing

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Here are 10 key steps to help you get the most out of Facebook marketing:

1. Create a neat page

You don’t have to fill out everything, but fill out at least the most important information in the profile section. Also, include a picture. People like seeing that they’re dealing with an actual person and not just some faceless company.

2. Keep your business profile separate from your personal one

Don’t go following your favorite bands or befriend your real life friends on Facebook with your business account. It’s okay to have a bit of fun with your business profile, but don’t forget its main purpose – marketing.

3. Make plans about what you’re going to say

What are you trying to accomplish? How can you make your page unique? How can you get the right audience interested in your page? How will you respond to criticism? To praise?

4. Brand your identity

Use a theme on your Facebook page that is similar to that of your website. Use the same logos and graphics, although you shouldn’t go overboard with them. Too many graphics will make your page difficult to load.

5. Interact with others

Participate in discussion and always give friendly, knowledgeable replies. Join clubs relating to your niche and offer suggestions and tips. Whenever somebody asks a question, offer a thoughtful answer. If somebody says something you disagree with, let them know in a friendly manner, and provide a well-thought out reply as to why you do.

6. You’ll probably have to deal with some negativity

People can question your intentions at any time. Always be patient with your critics and deal with them in a professional and friendly manner. Don’t expect to always satisfy everyone. What you can do is maintain a positive image for your brand.

7. Try encouraging your fans to talk

Offer polls and surveys, asking your fans what they do and do not like about your niche. Try starting new topics such as “top 10 reasons why…” or “learn how to…” and then ask others to share their tips and ideas.

8. Keep everybody up-to-date with offers

Online communities need to be active, and one of the best ways to stay active on Facebook is to offer coupons and special deals on a regular basis. Also, having a lot of updates about discounts on your page will entice new visitors to follow you!

9. Hire a professional to create an app and offer it on your page

People really love apps, and your fans will even share them with their friends! Fun applications are a great way to attract attention on Facebook. You should be able to find a developer who charges fair rates.

10. Be consistent with your efforts

Log on every single day and post something! Even if you don’t have any updates, log on and participate in discussion. If you don’t get on Facebook every day and share tips, ideas, etc, people will forget about you. Also, don’t forget to use important keywords in your posts!

Follow these 10 steps to get the best out of your Facebook marketing campaign!

Guest Article written by Jo Barnes. If you want to discover Jo’s No 1 Secret to Making Money Online then download her fantastic interviews with top internet marketing guys in the world right now at startyourbusinesssmartly.com/freevideos. Image credits to Franco Bouly under CC license. You can also write guest articles and share your Facebook tips.

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