Google Gets 2.5 Million Copyright Removal Requests Every Week!

Do you know that Google receives a mind boggling 2.5 million copyright removal requests per week! Revealing more data about the Google Transparency report, Google officially announced they get these millions of requests every week. So how long do they take to process each request –  a mere 6 hours! (I wonder how many Googlers do this job). Google monitors these requests to prevent abuse and catch errors.

Google Copyright Removal Requests

google removal requests

The Google Transparency report displays the requests received from copyright owners and governments to remove information from various Google services. N0w people interested in further analyzing these reports can also download copyright removal requests data.

A quick look reveals that top domains specified for copyright removal requests usually relate to torrent hosting sites and the top reporting organizations are mainly media companies selling music and movies. You can clearly see the urls removed from Google services and search by date.

Are there copyright removal requests for your domain name?
You can search and view copyright removal reports for your domain name also. Change url of this link to replace with your domain name – if a copyright removal request exists, it will display a page, else will show a 404 page. Note that  Google Webmaster Tools will  notify site owners when Google gets a copyright removal requests regarding their domain URLs.


  1. Santanu says:

    Thanks a very nice info. Thanks

  2. Adrian says:

    So that’s approximately 28 a week for 3 or 4 staff. Let’s say 10 per person. That means they need 250,000 workers on this job. Mmm.

  3. Shiful Alam says:

    Thanks for sharing the interesting news. Special thanks for the point that says I, myself, can check my blog through the Webmaster Tools.

  4. marcus ollison says:

    Wow , I never knew it was that many copyright removal request. Shouldn’t there be a way that all of this can be avoided. Shouldn’t webmaster do their homework as for as if their business or domain is copyrighted?

  5. Plaban says:

    I’ve used this DMCA report tool many times. There are some blogs which are copying my articles without any permission.

  6. Rafael James says:

    According to your discussion Google Gets 2.5 Million Copyright Removal Request Every Week with help of this information it can easily assume that Google is working hard to resolve copyright issues. Really this is a big ratio of any search engine, Thanks for the informative post.

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