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What are HTTP Headers?

HTTP headers are a group of key-value pairs sent by the client to the server, and by the server back to the client, that provide additional information about the request or response. They are used for a variety of tasks, such as authenticating the user, telling the server what type of content is being sent, and setting various types of cache control.

What is HTTP Headers Response Checker tool?

The tool will test the HTTP response headers sent by the server and will help you ananyze not only the status of the URL, if it is correctly working or redirecting or 404. In addition it will inform about the server headers, which is detailed unedited information from the server and is useful for server coniguration and troubleshooting.

What are Common HTTP Headers Responses?

200 - URL is working well
301 - URL Redirection
404 - Link broken
410 - Link Gone

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