Facetime Video Calls: The One Reason to Buy iPhone 4 [VIDEO]

By 30-06-2010   AppleGadgets

Why buy iPhone 4? The new iPhone 4 has an incredible feature video call feature called Facetime, that promises to change the way you talk, chat and use a mobile phone and makes sure you will never use another cellphone once you grab the iPhone 4.

Simply find your friend in iphone contacts, tap the FaceTime button, and instantly start a video call. If you are already talking with someone, tap the FaceTime button and instantly an invitation pops up on your friends iPhone 4 screen asking if they want to join a video call, one tap and thats all.

No special account, No screen names and did I tell you it works in both portrait and landscape modes. Did you know Facetime can work from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi!

Facetime is made possible because iPhone 4 is loaded with  two built-in cameras, one on the front above the display and one on the back. The front camera focuses on your face at arm’s length and helps you get the right focus, brightness and light. So a simple tap, and the camera can easily switch between the front and back camera, so you can switch instantly from your face to what you are seeing in front. Amazing!

This video below highlights a lot of amazing ways you can use iPhone Facetime

Is this not be best feature of iPhone 4? What is you favorite iPhone feature?

29 comments on “Facetime Video Calls: The One Reason to Buy iPhone 4 [VIDEO]

  1. Sourish | Iphone Blogger says:

    I dont understand whats the big deal with facetime . It was available long time ago with 3G phones for making video calls .

  2. Alex Posicionamiento Web says:

    Most of the newest phones you can find in the market today have the feature of 3G video calling. I-phone also released their own version and I believe it is the best innovation they made this 2010. People would now have the urge in becoming an i-phone lover rather than a Nokia, Samsung or Ericsson lover. With the new i-phone, people now have the privilege of having a palmtop and a cellphone in one gadget. Wi-Fi features and other additional features combined with video calling is really great for any type of profession.

    Thanks for sharing this information!


  3. Abby says:

    On one hand that is pretty cool. On the other hand, I would not want people to see me when I am on the phone.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      You can choose if you want to accept the invitation to turn on Facetime video chat, else the other person cannot see you.

  4. Joshua says:

    The Sprint Evo4g already has this and unlike the iphone, it works on any phone with the video chat plugin AND the evo4g works all the time with the cell network, unlike the iphone which only works on WiFi. At&ts network cant support video chat right now over the cell network connection…

  5. U G G says:

    we like that!

  6. Kebi says:

    are you sure?

  7. Sandra ley de atraccion says:

    what an amazing phone!! love it!

  8. Aumentar Visitas says:

    Your blog seems very interesting. This article is amazing. I will visit your blog often ..

  9. Caroldi says:

    That is one of the main features on iPhone but some countries like Canada didn’t activate it :( we cannot use it unless we Jailbreak the iPhone 4

  10. Jeane Ropa ciclismo says:

    I prefer to keep this function unactivated, as well as mi laptops’ web cam.
    I appreciate my vivacity very much.
    Anyway, I respect other points of view.


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