Vote India’s First Jewelry Car: Goldplus Nano

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The designs of the world’s first Jewellery Car – Goldplus Nano, were unveiled as the Titan Jewellery Division COO spoke about celebrating 5000 Years of Indian Jewellery and the Goldplus Nano campaign.

These are the 3 finalist jewelry car designs that are competing for the title.

Tata motors, car manufacturers of India’s smallest and cheapest car Tata Nano, will create the custom jewelry car which you might spot in Indian roads. Jewelry will be adorned by Titan Industries Goldplus, designed for the jewellery preferences of the semi-urban and rural Indian customer.

Vote for your favourite Goldplus Nano. You can also SMS your choice: ‘goldplus1′ or ‘goldplus2′ or ‘goldplus3′ and send it to 56070. Alternatively, you can call toll Free 1800 102 3332 from your cell phone or landline. Lets see the amazing car Tata creates.

Goldplus Nano Jewelry Designers

Goldplus Nano1

Goldplus Nano2

Goldplus Nano3

10 comments on “Vote India’s First Jewelry Car: Goldplus Nano

  1. Robin Shah says:

    Wow, they look so pretty :)

  2. T.Sathyakamalanathan says:

    very good car,and seat for very comfortable, racing red is very good colour, nice journey,nano is the one of the best car. for my suggestion

  3. Goldplus Nano says:

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    Last Date: 12 Dec 2010

  4. jewBestBoy says:

    good post.. I like your post.

  5. James Thames says:

    wow…Nice color, It is very comfortable to drive.Nano is the best and cheapest car. so that The people who has dream to ride a car They will get this one with comfortable price.

  6. Pergolas says:

    WOW! What a Royal look.. Nano 1 looks very elegant and beautiful. its true Jewellery car.

  7. Timberdecks says:

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  9. timberdecking says:

    this vote on any of the following platforms but It is very comfortable to drive

  10. live-in caregiver says:

    Good work guys, please keep us always posted from here. This blog site will be my storage of knowledge, Thank you for sharing…

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