Google Toolbar PageRank Update!

By 07-12-2013   GoogleSEO

A new Google pagerank update happened and the Google toolbar is reflecting pagerank change information for millions of websites. If you recall Google has not been refreshing pagerank for over 10 months now and several SEO experts thought that pagerank would be discontinued altogether.

Google  PageRank Update!

Google pagerank has been an important indicator for website importance in eyes of Google and top sites often get a PR9 or PR10 ranking. SEO firms often try to buy backlinks and try tactics to game pagerank to showcase higher pagerank for their clients. But with so many Google penalties being pushed across last 2 years, Google failed to refresh the pagerank data, encouraging webmasters to concentrate more on make sites better, rather than try to get better pagerank by blackhat SEO.

Remember how Google used to penalize websites engaged in buying /selling links by reducing pageranks. Still several toxic link detection tools evaluate parameters to find PR0 or PR grayed out websites, which could be bad neighborhoods to link to.

Google did push a PR update – Matt Cutts confirms this PR update and says that a PR push was done while fixing a backend service that handles ‘dupes and equivalent names’, and pagerank still continues to be less of a priority for Google.

So what happened to our pagerank? Well it seems to be still stable at PR5 , though we removed 1.7 million backlinks!

pagerank update

How to check your toolbar pagerank? You can download the Google toobar on IE, or grab PR Checker Chrome extensions and check pagerank of any page.

Has your pagerank changed?

26 comments on “Google Toolbar PageRank Update!

  1. abhi says:

    Really great quick online tips!! Getting a page rank 5 is not a silly thing. Good hard work

  2. Shawn Hartwell says:

    I remember when everyone’s focus was on PR and I was one of the those people. I hadn’t been told that buying links and other, what I now know as BlackHat, methods wouldn’t help me out at all, and even hinder my website’s progress.

    It is nice to know that Google, while not taking PR serious per se, are actually paying some attention to the system while still focusing on removing cheaters.

    Do you still see PR as a valid measurement of a website’s authority? If not, why?

  3. sem seo says:

    I have expected for some time. While experimenting I realized that the rank was changed. It also has a very significant weight to go up in the SERP

  4. Nancy Badillo says:


    Thank you for providing this great post! I do agree, that focusing on creating the best possible website will help you gain a higher page rank! At the end of the day your focus should be creating a great site because the page rank will come after that for sure. :-)

  5. Abhishek Gupta says:

    I think this time.. the PR update sucks.. it has down graded many good site.. and in my case it n/a .. but still i will be working hard to improve my blog visibility..

  6. Rifat Rahn says:

    Its great QOT is now PR 5. But I come to know google will not continue page PR.

  7. Hayley Clare says:

    Webmasters have been awaiting this page rank update for months. Has anyone seen an actual change in traffic since the update?

  8. sam says:

    Page Rank Is Broken Coz Twitter has PR 0 .. Last Time it was 10

  9. George says:

    I am quite dissatisfied with the latest PR update as the site I manage has dropped with 2 with no logical reason. Yet as long as readers like the content that is what really matters

  10. Sunday says:

    The Update is somehow refreshing because it obviously would help webmasters concentrate better at tactics that would increase their page rank. However, the idea that ” pagerank still continues to be less of a priority for Google” needs to be clarified by the search engine.

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