My First Delite Box with Free Samples, Discount Coupons

By 07-03-2014   AdvertisingIndia

Someone sent me my first Delite Box loaded with free samples and free vouchers of common popular products and services. Surprised as I was, that is what the purpose of the Delite Box is!

delite box


Free Samples, Coupons

Delite Box encourages companies to share free samples which are all packed and the box of free goodies are sent to target customers.

Each box has a unique ID and password so that you easily login the first time on the site and give feedback about the products. And if you do … they send you the next Delite box with more free samples!

The best part of this box is that they are commonly usable products from well reputed brands and not some lesser known products which you might simply junk. These products you will want to use and these coupons you will redeem for these popular services.

Delite Box Contents

My delite box included the following products/discount coupons.

  • Horlicks Oats
  • Horlicks Nutribic Fibre digestive biscuits
  • Park Avenue Beer Shampoo
  • Livon Silky potion – detangling hair fluid
  • Sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth
  • Kingdom of Dreams – Buy 1, get 1 ticket free
  • Polo Tropical Rs 250 cash voucher
  • Affinity Salon Rs 500 off on all services



I really love this concept to get product feedback by big companies. Most people do not try products because they are available in big sizes/portions and cost much. These samples/discounts do not cost much to companies – but if a person likes their product, they get  a regular product user who spreads the usefulness of the product among friends and family. Not to mention, he provides valuable feedback by actually using the product.  I expect many more such services to start and target consumers in India.

Note: This is not a sponsored review. Its just something which turned out to be a nice surprise! You can also get your box of goodies.


26 comments on “My First Delite Box with Free Samples, Discount Coupons

  1. Varun says:

    Park Avenue Beer Shampoo :P that’s the real deal inside this box :)

  2. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    Wow wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Great giveaway! Those oats look delightful ;)

  4. Andy says:

    Quite a novel and inexpensive idea for companies to get feedback on their products. I would definitely love some free samples.

  5. Jerry Marshal says:

    I am interested in your Delite Box Contents

  6. dofollowbacklinks says:

    I really attractive and Thanks your information . It’s really helpful.

  7. Jason F says:

    I think these are a great advertising move for companies. I hope more companies start doing stuff like this.

  8. moby says:

    Coupons are not a bad way to save money I always save a lot from those babies. Especially when Walmart gave all of those away I always gets 5 to 10 dollar discount with every grocery trip.

  9. Priyanka Jain says:

    this is a unique way. all the products are really cool. i like the delite box and it would be a delight to have it. thanks.

  10. DeliteBox says:

    Dear All, thanx for liking our first DeliteBox… You can also get your Free Delitebox, just subscribe on and our team will start sourcing brands relevant for you.

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