How to Save Yahoo, Hotmail Passwords in Firefox

I have the Firefox password manager turned on and am a regular Yahoo mail user, but Yahoo email always asks for the username and password to be filled up. The username and password never autofills though you have turned on the option to save passwords in firefox. I tried everything from clearing the cache, to reinstalling firefox to deleting all passwords and refixing it and finally creating a new Firefox profile as the last measure – but nothing worked!

Some sites, including many banks and a few other sites such as Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Passport, tell browsers not to remember passwords for visitors using autocomplete=”off”. This bookmarklet makes the browser ignore autocomplete=”off” temporarily, allowing you to save passwords even on sites that use autocomplete=”off”.

Use this bookmarklet ‘Remember Password’ just before submitting the form with your password in it. When you submit the form, your browser should offer to remember the password. Once your browser has your password stored, it will ignore autocomplete=”off”, so you won’t have to use the bookmarklet each time you visit the site.

To use the bookmarklet, right click and ‘Save to Bookmarks’. When you want to run it, just click it before pressing Login on the form. And you will be asked if you want to save the form data.

Now I can access Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and my bank sites in a jiffy!

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  1. Newmania says:

    Is this safe? To save passwords on the computer. I’ve got some reservations… reasonable?

    thanks for the great site!

    PS: I don’t mind the ads.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the concise and perfect solution to my login problems. I just googled “yahoo password firefox” and i reached right to your solution !!
    Good work !
    After reading your solution, it irritates me that yahoo and gmail(which also does the same) take it upon themselves to clear login info. In the very least power users like me who prefer quick logins would appreciate that they atleast offer an option for those who need it while making the current solution the defualt.
    Thanks for your solution.

  3. Scott says:

    Thanks. This is a great hack. :)

  4. LK says:

    This is awesome! I simply opened the Yahoo login page, and then pasted the URL for the “bookmarklet” in the same browser page. It did it’s thing. Then I put in my password and it worked.

  5. GL says:

    Hey I’m having trouble making it work correctly, it isn’t working for Hotmail, TD, or Yahoo Mail. I did 2 things, 1, I opened the hotmail page, put my password in, then opened the bookmarklet in a new tab and clicked save password link, a windows popup came up saying what it did, but when I hit login Firefox (2.0) didn’t ask to save it.

    LK wrote you paste the URL into the same tab before logging in, and then click log in, that didn’t seem to work for me either.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks :)

  6. marylow says:

    my yahoo account hacked i used this websiet to recover it

    but i paid 15$ for it :((

  7. Nicotiane says:

    Thanks, It’s perfect

  8. John says:

    Great tip! :) Just a side note: users of fingerprint password managers like DigitalPersona Password Manager (IE) or FingerAuth Password Manager (Firefox) aren’t affected by this “problem”.

  9. Hobbs3000 says:

    Can’t get this to work either. Using firefox 3, os x tiger. Trying to get this to work for Msn hotmail. Tried all of the above, even put the link in the bookmark toolbar for easy access. But to no avail. Password manager won’t offer to remember my Hotmail password. Which is weird, cause on my Xp laptop it’s not a problem. Offers to remember.

    Any solutions?

  10. Petr says:

    It’s working for me in FF3 with Web Developer Plugin for Firefox ( ) the same solution is in menu “Forms > Enable autocompletion”. But it seems that it’s necessary to click this option every time when logging to, otherwise the saved password won’t be offered.

  11. Al S. says:

    If anyone’s not sure how to use this bookmarklet:-

    1) Follow the link
    2) Right-click on the button (!), and bookmark it. It should offer ‘remember password’ as a name. Don’t bookmark the page!!!
    3) Go to whatever site you want to log in to, enter your details, don’t log in yet though
    4) In the same tab, go bookmarks > remember password. The link was for a load of pure javascript, so it’ll come up with a message but won’t take you away from the page.
    5) Click okay, log in, and ‘Do you want to remember this password?’ should come up. If all the numbers in the message were 0 and it doesn’t work, you might need to find something else.

  12. Michelle says:

    THANK YOU Al S.! Your instructions helped :)

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