Disposable Email Addresses – Protect your Email

PookMail is a disposable email account system. When someone or some site asks you for your email address, just pick one from pookmail.com. Use any unusual email id name like account23@pookmail.com

Login to PookMail.com typing the same wierd name like ‘seemyaccount23’ in the login form, and click GO. And you can see your emails. It is essential to note that after 24 hours, your received emails will be deleted from the system.

An excellent way to give out short term disposable email addresses. Takes care of spam from suspicious sites, and protects privacy of your original email account and maintains its security.

It is in the beta phase, so there must be bugs which they are trying to work around. Save your email, if it is important to you. After all google’s gmail is also in beta phase.

It gives option to save the email, see headers and delete the email. You cannot compose messages, reply, forward or store email addresses. So very useful if you just want to read emails or want a valid email login to suspicious sites which want to verify your email

Choose a difficult name
as the email id as the site does not require any password. So it seems anyone who knows the unique email id can access the emails. So the more weird the email id is, the better it is.

It is not a substitute for your permanent email id, but is a good option for giving out at selected suspicious sites prone to spamming. Anyway, as it is disposable, if you dont like the email id, create out a more weirder one. Simple and fast and great for privacy – truly disposable!