Sightseeing with Google Maps : Tour the World

Google Sightseeing is brought to you by Alex, James & Olly who take you to the best tourist spots in the world via Google Maps‘ satellite imagery. They simply collect the best images of different parts of US as provided by Google Maps and blog them with images for your sightseeing by satellite.

Google Sightseeing have classified them by category like –
* Buildings
* Large Type
* Movie Locations
* Natural Landmarks
* Planes, Boats & Trains
* Stadiums & Sport
* Structures
* Weirdness

You can send them a message or suggest a loaction to get your favourite area included for the viewing pleaure of many visitors. They claim to have 1700 submissions in queue, so dont be in a haste if your suggestion is not included soon.

Although Google Maps charts different areas of the USA, recently launched Google Maps UK will chart out the United Kingdom maps and eventually the whole world will be for you to see. Of course the images created are copyright of google maps and have the logo embedded in these images.

Pack your bags and set out on a world tour today, on your computer!

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