Create Adsense Earning Charts / Graphs with Excel

You have seen those nice graphs and charts plotting Google Adsense earning on several blogs. But none was willing to reveal the secret for creating those charts and graphs.

Feedmoney recently posted a nice and simple way to create those graphs and charts with ease using Microsoft Excel. I tried it out and it works very well. It gives you a detailed view of how your earnings, CTR, CPM have progressed with time.

It made me aware that I could download my entire earnings in the form of a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Once you have a such a .csv file, then manipulation of the statistical data by Microsoft Excel works wonders.

Note 2 important tips which their post highlighted very well –

  • Delete only the column heading marked Date – the caution here is only the first word Date, not the entire column. The column was the first thing I deleted without reading their full post and I don’t know what I was comparing eventually.
  • Delete the rows at the bottom of your sheet that indicates Totals – otherwise, the maximum value of the y-axis goes so high and the small daily spikes so small that it is difficult to see. So please do delete those Totals, then only your daily data gets big enough on the chart to see.
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