Google Adsense Notifier Firefox Extension for Google Adsense Disorder (GAD)

YALD has coined an interesting term – Google Adsense Disorder. Google Adsense Disorder or GAD as he calls it – is like Attention deficit disorder (ADD), but it’s different in that you constantly find yourself reloading the Google Adsense page to see how many more cents (or Dollars) your account earned online.

Now don’t all Adsense Publishers have GAD! So we now have a possible cure for GAD!

adsense notifier

Firefox has gained immense popularity for its great extensions which add a lot of functionality to Firefox. Mincus has created the Adsense Notifier is a firefox extension that displays your adsense earnings on the statusbar. It updates the stats automatically. This is wonderful for anyone with Google Adsense Disorder (GAD) who needs to check their stats every few seconds to see if they have gotten any more clicks, especially with new Google Adsense real time statistics.

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