Blogads Most Popular Income Source for High Traffic Blogs

Problogger has an excellent post about How the most highly visited blogs make money. The data was compared from the most highly visited blogs going around at Truth Laid Bear’s Traffic Ranking page which ranks those blogs with Sitemeter statistics.

Just incase you were wondering that Google Adsense was the most popular source of income of top blogs, this data assessment makes you think again. Blogads is emerging as the top income source for top blogs. Darren analyzed top 30 blogs and observed that –

  • All blogs in the top 30 have an income stream. Only one blog had no advertising or affiliate programs (it did have a donation button though).
  • The most popular Income Stream on these Blogs is BlogAds – 23 of the top 30 have them.
  • The next most popular income streams were donation buttons and Amazon links (mainly to books).
  • Also popular were AdBrite text ads.
  • Only 8 of these blogs use Adsense.

He listed the top blog as Daily Kos – 443841 visits/day – Runs Blog Ads (15 currently running) ranging in price from $13000 per month for the premium position down to the classified position at $500 per month). He also goes on to explain why Adsense is not suitable for all blog topics. To support this a dutch site has revealed the data for its different income sources and they support that 70%+ income is comming from Blogads.

So before you think of putting Blogads over your blog… What they recommend is “Blogs with fewer than 1,000 visitors a day usually do not attract advertisers. If your blog is new, we’d suggest you wait three-six months before applying.” So obviously they target ads only on high traffic sites. So apply only after your blog gets more than 1000 unique visitors per day. Try Blogads today!

Update: I wrote about 15 Best Tips for Success with Blogads which can help you make more money with blogads. Need a Blogads Sponsor? I have got 5 Blogads invites to giveaway for free.

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