I Have 5 Blogads Invites: Need a Blogads Sponsor?

Blogads is premium advertising service which lets advertisers display large ads on your site (text and image). However, membership of the Blogads Network is by invitation only. I run Blogads on my site and recently got 5 Blogads invitations to sponsor bloggers. Do you need a Blogads sponsor? I am giving away free Blogads invites.

I recently wrote about 15 best tips for success with blogads advertisers. One of the advantages of being part of the blogads network, is that I can invite select bloggers to be part of the network and if they perform well, they too can be selected later to invite more bloggers earning a small commission.

However, they require that I invite only top bloggers to maintain the network quality and to get more invites. I will be distributing these invites to top bloggers, who blog about any topic in their niche. Since invites are limited, your chances of getting an invite are better if your Google pagerank is high (PR5 or higher), large number of Pageviews per day (>5000) and great original content.

Interested? Leave a comment here or contact me. Since the comment fields already requires your name, blog url and email, no other personal details are required. If you get selected, a sponsor invite will reach your inbox! There is no last date and this deal continues till all invites are finished. The name of the selected blogs will not be published to protect their privacy.

Blogads is often the most popular income source for high traffic blogs. Want to sell blogads advertising on your site? Need a Blogads Sponsor?

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