15 Best Tips for Success with Blogads Advertisers

The biggest advantage of Blogads is that these are huge ads and give premium advertising space which really showcase a site well with a right mix of images and text. Blogads are heavily targeted on celebrity and political sites, yet some modifications to templates and pricing probably should help you get more advertisers for your site. Below are top tips to sell more Blogads from your site.

Best Blogads tips and tricks

1. Sell Premium Ad Space– Blogads advertisers like to really show their ads well and are most willing to buy the most visible space on your site. So place the Blogads code on top of your blog and above the fold.

2. Blogads Compatible Templates – There is too much content to keep on top above the fold. Choose a template that keeps your blogs top content and the Blogads both on top. I switched from 2 column to 3 column wordpress template so that I could get the Blogads code on the top of the sidebar while keeping my search box and feed icons on top too.

3. Blend Ads – Just like you blend your Google Adsense ads, blend the Blogads into your template so that the advertiser gets those clicks they need. On the other hand, depending on your template, you can contrast them with your content if that works better. The control panel allows you to easily customize the CSS to blend these ads.

4. Join Hives – Advertisers often target a group of publishers by purchasing ads from a hive. A hive is a group of related sites publishing similar content. You decide which hives you want to join, email Blogads, and they send you the hive leaders email address. Membership in Hives is at the sole discretion of the hive administrator, the blogger who manages the network.

5. Rotate Ads – When you accept ads to run live, give them all an equal chance to hit the top of your premium advertising space by rotation. Select “any” position to easily rotate multiple blogads on your site.

6. Competitive Ad Pricing – How much should you charge for Blogads? All publishers in their marketplace can easily be visualized by traffic and category. See the advertising rates for different ad specifications in sites with similar niche and traffic and adjust your prices similarly. The official recommendation is to price hi-rise ads  at 4 times your standard prices and minis at half your standard. Price classifieds at 10% of your standard prices. Alternately, price hi-rise at $4 per thousand impressions, standard at $.80 per CPM, mini at $.40 cent CPM and classifieds at $.10 CPMs.

7. Start Cheap – Its a good idea to start with lower ad pricing which will get you advertisers quickly and then you can gradually increase your rates. The marketplace displays the number of running ads on the publisher sites. If your site is running 2 blogads, it will attract more advertisers that a site which hosts no ads.

8. Earn affiliate referrals income– Blogads often gives its popular publishers some Blogads invites to let other members join the network. Try to pass on these invites to popular bloggers who earn lots of money from Blogads and you get a referral commission. You will earn 5% of the ad revenue sold by bloggers you sponsored.

9. Great Adstrip name– While browsing through the Blogads marketplace, attract the advertiser by choosing a crisp name for your adstrip. Use terms like “Premium”, “Above the fold” or “Top of Sidebar” to quickly convey where your ads are located. Let them check out your site.

10. Free Blogads – You might decide to giveaway free Blogads for a week to select advertisers, contest winners etc. by a special code which lets them set up ads for free. Create an Offer code to allow friends to by-pass PayPal and order a free ad on your blog.

11. Custom Blogads – Got no advertisers? Create your own ads and fill up the space. Its hints advertisers that they too can buy that premium online space. Use the create ad w/ offer code link.

12. Blogads Sale – Drop your prices for a week, 2 weeks, or maybe a month and see advertisers queue up to fill your blog space in a day!

13. Pitching your Blog – Create a great adstrip pitch to highlight your blog features. Let advertisers know your pagerank, number of page views and blogads position on one page easily.

14. Multiple Blogads Units – You can create 2 different sets of Blogads codes. Create a Premium space and a Standard Space. Premium Advertisers stay on top, may not rotate and are charged higher. Standard or cheap ads may be charged lower and be placed at bottom of sidebars etc. If you get lots of Blogads, this might work for you.

15. Enable Multiple Ad Types – Blogads allows multiple ad specifications ranging from

  • Hi-rise – Image size is maximum 150×600 pixels
  • Standard – Image size is maximum 150×200 pixels
  • Mini – Image size is maximum 150×100 pixels
  • Classified – A maximum of 500 characters of text

Enable them all so that you can target a broad range of advertisers with each ad type. I might like the Standard type ad, while you might be interested in the High rise. Enable Flash ads for even more options.

Blogads is often the most popular income source for high traffic blogs. I hope these Blogads tips and tricks will help you increase your blogads advertisers and help you succeed with Blogads, while earning more money too. Buy Blogads on our site.

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