Creation of Firefox Logo by Jon Hicks, Daniel Burka & Stephen Desroches

FireFox is easily recognized by their logo as it sits on hundred of sites and computers thanks to the worldwide fans who want to spread firefox. There is a good chance you have seen the fiery fox wrapped around the globe.

Do you have any clue as to who actually sat down to create the wonderfully clean image that is Firefox’s identity?

firefox logo design

Deviant Art reports that the logo was designed by Jon Hicks, a freelance designer based in UK. In fact he put up the creative design process on his personal website. (It should be noted that Daniel Burka created the concept and Stephen Desroches sketched it. It was only rendered by Hicks.)”

Hicks posts on his website  the chosen design was a concept from Daniel Burka and sketched by Stephen Desroches, which was then rendered by him using Fireworks MX. He prefers to use Fireworks over Illustrator or Photoshop for icon design as you can see the result in pixels, rather than smooth vectors.

You can check out the original sketch and how it was rendered using Fireworks MX. You can also check out how the firefox icons in various sizes were designed.

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