Blogexplosion : Unlimited Confirmed Traffic for Blogs

How could you increase the site traffic to your blog? You might list in blog directories and search engines, but yet no online traffic might ever come to your site.

Blogexplosion is like a web traffic generator and gets confirmed traffic to your blog. The principle is simple, you visit other peoples blogs and they visit yours and you increase site traffic. For every 2 blogs you visit, one visitor comes to you. This is very good if you are new blogger and want to build traffic. If you visit 10 blogs, 5 confirmed visitors will come to you. Moreover, you surf those blogs you like as per your category preferences.

Drive online traffic with Blogexplosion

1. Banners – they show in the surfing interface when you surf other blogs. You can convert your credit to show 25 banners on this surfbar per credit you earn (The number keeps on changing). That does not bring you more confirmed traffic, but if your banner is good enough, your 1 credit might earn you upto 25 clicks instead of one confirmed visit.

2. Blog Lottery – add a few credits to the monthly lottery and you could win thousands of credits if you are lucky.

3. Battle of the Blogs – Challenge another blog against yours after putting some credits for wager. Voters see both sites and click the better one. Voters earn 25% credit and winner gets 75% of the total credits on the block.

4. Blog rocket – Start at the bottom of the 25 site rocket. Users see your site, earn mystery credits, as your site moves up the rocket to launch off.

5. Mystery credits – As you surf along you can get bonus credits off and on. I remember getting 10 credits as bonus once. It comes as a nice surprise.

6. Referrers – Put up blogexplosion banners on your site, whenever someone clicks on them and joins blogexplosion, you get a percentage of the credits they earn. This ensures a steady stream of credits on 5 tiers of referral.

7. Rent My Blog – Advertising Swap Program to earn website traffic by renting space on your blog in a fun and easy market-based format. Read more.

8. Paid advertising. If you have some extra money, buy traffic credits for a price. If you want to give it a try, get 500 confirmed visitors for $5.50! (rates may change). Read more.

I have found blogexplosion invaluable to get confirmed site traffic when I was a starter. I still challenge a blog on the battle of blogs (when there is a weak opponent!) and blog rocket to get some additional hits and mystery credits. Why purchase traffic when you can get free traffic.

Its not all about traffic building
. You get to visit some truly wonderful blogs hidden in the blogosphere. As your blog gets known around, it will generate traffic for itself. Get as much traffic as you want. What can be better!


  1. Lelia Katherine Thomas says:

    I joined BlogExplosion out of boredom one night, and while I admit I’ve not done much of anything with the service, I can already see serious flaw in it.

    The problem with services like this and many others is that there are no true requirements to promote yourself.

    Sure, sure, you browse blogs, get credits, and promote yourself. But the thing is, I could spend an hour browsing, and even on my 56k dialup I could browse a lot without ever really caring about the site/blog or looking at it. It would promote me blindly. of course, in return, it’s very likely that there are many people who would do the same thing with my site–just click, then click past it.

    I think it’s better to just stick with the more tried and true methods, like browsing through Technorati.

  2. Annalee Blysse says:

    I do wonder how many users are just browsing to gain credits, and not necessarily reading content. How could anyone know the answer to that?

  3. Dave Jackson says:

    I agree. I would stick to more sensible methods to promote.

    Not good advice.

  4. thebloggingcashmachine says:

    it’s a very good resource to drive free traffic for web sites , i am going to use it …

  5. Baseless says:

    Maybe its not great advice for those of you who are experience bloggers, but it is an interesting concept and specifically promoted to people who are new and have a very small circulation.

    So for some of us, it may be worth the time.

  6. amit says:

    Can you please tell me all better ways of getting more and more traffic to my website without paying??

  7. TechSecret says:

    Hi Very nice concept, I am surely going to join it.

  8. Taken photos says:

    Interesting, it’s really working ?

  9. Warren says:

    I can see where it might attract blind surfing to get credits, but if you have an interesting concept in a prime location of your blog, it just might snag a few of those blind surfers that want a better way too.

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