Virtual Keyboard Login Protects From Spyware Logging Keystrokes

Did you know a Virtual Keyboard Login can protect your privacy and help against spyware logging keystrokes. Everyday you fill in lots of personal information on websites. I still feel uncomfortable entering data on public computers and internet cafes, just for fear that someone might have installed spyware which could track my keystrokes to get my email or banking passwords.

Virtual Keyboard Login

When I logged in today to a secure online transaction site, I was surprised to see the Virtual Keyboard Login just to fix that.

virtual keyboard

The Virtual Keyboard Login is dynamic system in which the sequence in which the numbers appears will change every time, the page is refreshed. They say the purpose of the Virtual Keyboard is to protect from malicious SpyWare and Trojan Programs designed to capture your keystrokes.

Now since you enter the password by mouseclicks rather than keystrokes, this truly eliminates this risk and allows secure and safer online transactions.

Just in case you did not know – Your computer also has a Virtual On screen keyboard. It allows mobility impaired users (who cannot type on the keyboard due to disability, but can use the mouse) to type using mouse clicks on the virtual keyboard. This keyboard can be accessed from Start>All Programs>Accessories> Accessibility>On-Screen Keyboard in windows XP.


  1. Jackuline says:

    This idea is good one. I need “Virtual keyboard login” tool. Will you please suggest me this type of tools? Desperately i need this.

  2. Helen says:

    Sadly the virtual keyboard provided by Microsoft won’t protect you from keyloggers. See this article which explains why:

  3. Matei says:

    “Your computer also has a Virtual On screen keyboard” : but it’s not a good protection against keylogger :

    To be of any use, these virtual keyboards must be an integral part of an application or web page. A generic virtual keyboard—which will work with any program, including those that are not explicitly written for it—will not defeat a key logging program because the virtual keyboard will generate the same keyboard events as a real keyboard, and those events can be trapped and logged just as real keyboard inputs can.


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