Electronic Mosquito Racket Zaps Pests, Insects and Bugs

The Electronic Mosquito Racket is the best electronic gadget to zap mosquitos, insects and flies. Its clean, easy to use and very effective for the simple pest control needs in your office and home.

Try the Electronic Mosquito Racket to finish mosquitoes in a zap. It sure does look like a tennis racket, but it zaps pests instead of tennis balls. The internal charged mesh is powered by electic current which hunts the bugs. It is a very popular tool in tropical countries where mosquitos are abundant. The power source is a rechargable battery (Though you might get cheaper versions running on 2 pencil batteries). It is light weight, portable and easy to carry.

Electronic Mosquito Racket

How it works?

Just press on the switch on the handle and a live electric current flows through the inner mesh. Wave the gadget around, and insects and mosquitos will get trapped in the wire mesh and cannot escape. The moment a mosquito, bug or fly comes touches it, it gets a electric shock and gets zapped. Keep waving it around and get hold of undetected bugs and pests.

Is it safe?

Very safe. It has an strong external protective mesh on both sides of the live electric inner mesh. Just do not poke your finger inside the protective mesh. Anyway current comes live when you activate the On button, but remember static charge can sometimes persist. It is environment friendly and very safe. Bigger bugs can cause some fine debris.

What is the power source?

It has a rechargable battery inside. With a simple knob, a 2 pin plug ejects out which you can simply plugin to your mains switch and charge it. A light indicator tells you when the charge is complete.


Its easily available in most tropical developing countries like India, from small shops to street side vendors.


Its costs around $4-8 depending on the quality of the insect zapper.


  1. Ash says:

    I used one in Indonesia and had the tim eof my life. Then found out it’s illegal to bring them into Australia. It’s actually listed on the Customs website here as a specific line item.


  2. ronny says:

    It’s illegal to bring them in to Australia without special permission. I wonder if some people imported them legally and sell them here. I could really use them to kill the annoying flies, especially in the summer!

    It is definitely “satisfying” to use these rackets to kill those damn annoying mosquitos. Every house that I go to in Indonesia has at least one of these. Relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

  3. Jerry says:

    Well, I guess they’re legal here in the States, because a coworker keeps one at his desk to zap flies.

    It’s quite amusing to see him running through the hallways swinging away.

  4. Neddy says:

    Where can I buy this thing?! There are a couple of similar products in the google ads, but they look much lower quality.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is Old School…I’ve been using this in China for a couple of years. They make battery powered versions, as well as Electric wall socket rechargeable. 220V coursing through the finger hurts like hell too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Forgot to mention — I don’t know how much they are on Google Ads or Ebay, or whatever… but these cost less than 10USD…and that’s AFTER the foreigner ripoff markup.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I first came across these back in ’99 when I lived in Saint Martin (Caribbean)
    Now I live in ARUBA (yes-now in the news for the on-going mystery of disapeared Alabama teen Nathalee Holloway…)

    I rely on these to zap everything from mosquitos, flies etc, up to hornets.
    With a fresh D-size battery, a mosquito will often vaporise on contact! The explosive ‘crack’ & subsequent ‘burnt hair odor’ is immensly satisfying – even more so after enduring sveral itching mozy bites…

    Here they are sold in various chinese supermarkets at $4 each.
    Healthier than using aerosol bug killer, & cheaper.
    It’s great fun.

    BTW: in case readers are wondering:
    Aruba has always been and remains a very secure envioroment for vacationers. (& by carib standards pretty free from mosquitos!)

    FYI: Aruban govt is closing all govt offices this afternoon to have all public employees take part in an island wide seach for the missing girl.
    By comparison, how many tourists go missing in such places as Jamaica, Cancun etc.
    Would their govts make similar efforts to find a girl last seen doing jello ‘body-shots’ with several boys in a night club???
    I sincerely hope she does turn up safe & sound .

  8. Peter Wilkinson says:

    What’s the current and voltage put through these things? I can’t seem to find that kind of information anywhere.

  9. Anonymous says:

    These are readily available in Canada. I’m sure this is the case in any region with lots of mosquitoes and other biting insects.

  10. El Guapo says:

    My guess is they are illegal to bring into certain countries due to the possibility that you’ve USED them and there are little semi petrified bug larvae that can fall out and create a new evil species… Oz is pretty serious about not letting bad species in.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Available in Calgary for $7. Had two. First worked 3 days and died. Second was DOA.

  12. Pedro says:

    I had my mom bring me one back from her visit to taiwan. It was about 8 bucks, US. There are deluxe models for as much as $17 bucks that come with a stand/charger combo and a “bug attracting light” in the middle. Just set it up and plug it in. The bugs just fly into it and explode… oh man, that’s some sweet revenge!

  13. Max says:

    I have just return to NZ from Thailand where I bought 6 for about 90 cents US each. This is an unbelievale price for anything with rechargable batteries and an in-built charger. They are all over Thailand at that price. Very satisfying using ths in Thailand – but I haven’t tried it on an NZ bug yet because it is winter and we haven’t got bugs at the moment. Roll on spring -I’m ready

  14. Anonymous says:

    These things are illegal in Australia, but I am trying to get some hard facts about them to challenge their “weapon” status. If anyone can get me some ciruit diagrams, and/or capacitor rating that would be great.

  15. Anonymous says:

    stupid thing, Im in Indonesia and I dont use it anymore. It’s called “Raket Nyamuk”

  16. Anonymous says:

    Tried the bug attracking zapper from Taiwan with ‘japan’ written on it, (Not that it is made there). I collected zappers from Hong kong, Mainland, Taiwan and Thailand, The Executioner model was tops. Most rackets are 1,000 – 1,500Volts at 0.03mA. The Executioner and one other 3 layer from Mainland are 2,800 Volts at 0.03mA. Even these high powered rackets are harmless to humans and most can only stun a fly or bee. Many retain power on the grills for that unexpected zap once you put down racket. Wet your finger then touch the grill, you’ll hardly feel it.

  17. Minh Ho says:

    They sell these rackets in the U.S. They require 2 D-batteries. They do work, but rarely make the popping sound or give off sparks. However, I was in Vietnam recently, where they sell Chinese-made rechargeable models for about $2.60 USD each. These are designed to be recharged with 220V electrical outlet. Man, these are incredibly powerful. Just wave one of these in the air, and they will even zap the dust, popping and giving off sparks. Unfortunately, they are now a prohibited item in the plane’s cargo. So I had to dig them out of my suitcase, after they x-rayed my luggage at the airport, and give them back to my relatives who were waiting outside.

  18. 74972357 says:

    i have a electronic mosquito racket,the rechargeable,it’s fun to use and zaps those mosquito’s to death….i have fun with it running around in the house trying to kill the last mosquito…..IT’S FUN AND EASY TO USE

  19. Iten says:

    Are you able to please deliver me a mail. I really like your design.

  20. Ann says:

    Why Australia band Electronic Mosquito Racket import? It is ridiculous. This object only zap Mosquitoes which is tiny and cause disease to human. Australia got too many Mosquitoes and pest, we need this Electronic Mosquito Racket which is no harm to human, safe and clean to the environment (much better than the poison pellet which has residue after use), cheap and effective. Australia government need to encourage people to kill the harmful insects and pest for protect human health.
    Not just band, band and band senselessly…….

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