Electronic Mosquito Racket Zaps Pests, Insects and Bugs

The Electronic Mosquito Racket is the best electronic gadget to zap mosquitos, insects and flies. Its clean, easy to use and very effective for the simple pest control needs in your office and home.

Try the Electronic Mosquito Racket to finish mosquitoes in a zap. It sure does look like a tennis racket, but it zaps pests instead of tennis balls. The internal charged mesh is powered by electic current which hunts the bugs. It is a very popular tool in tropical countries where mosquitos are abundant. The power source is a rechargable battery (Though you might get cheaper versions running on 2 pencil batteries). It is light weight, portable and easy to carry.

Electronic Mosquito Racket

How it works?

Just press on the switch on the handle and a live electric current flows through the inner mesh. Wave the gadget around, and insects and mosquitos will get trapped in the wire mesh and cannot escape. The moment a mosquito, bug or fly comes touches it, it gets a electric shock and gets zapped. Keep waving it around and get hold of undetected bugs and pests.

Is it safe?

Very safe. It has an strong external protective mesh on both sides of the live electric inner mesh. Just do not poke your finger inside the protective mesh. Anyway current comes live when you activate the On button, but remember static charge can sometimes persist. It is environment friendly and very safe. Bigger bugs can cause some fine debris.

What is the power source?

It has a rechargable battery inside. With a simple knob, a 2 pin plug ejects out which you can simply plugin to your mains switch and charge it. A light indicator tells you when the charge is complete.


Its easily available in most tropical developing countries like India, from small shops to street side vendors.


Its costs around $4-8 depending on the quality of the insect zapper.

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