Order Free Windows XP Service Pack SP2 on CD

Do you need to upgrade your Windows XP to the latest free Service Pack SP2? Windows Update lets you easily download a free upgrade of Windows XP Service Pack SP2 and install it. However, if your slow internet connection makes this impossible, Microsoft will ship the Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD to you free of charge.

To install Windows XP Service Pack 2 via CD, you need a computer with Windows XP Home Edition, Professional, Media Center Edition, or Tablet PC Edition installed. Also needed 233-megahertz or higher processor, 64 MB of RAM or higher and 1.6 GB of available hard disk space and a CD-ROM drive.

Though the Windows XP Service Pack SP2 CD is free of charge, you will have to pay the shipping and courier charges. I checked that shipping an English language XP SP2 version to India will cost Rs.450 only! Also allow approximately 4-6 weeks for shipping and delivery.

The huge size of the SP2 download by windows update often discourages users with slower dial up internet connections in developing countries and Microsoft is keen to get them upgraded for a better Windows performance. Order the CD today.

You can also download the Windows XP Service Pack 2 network installation package for IT Professionals and Developers for installing Windows XP SP2 on multiple computers on a network.

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